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Even the best TV shows run their course after a while, the greatest movies jumpedsharkdo one sequel too many, or celebrities choose yet another disasterous career move . Almost all of us have gradually realised at some point that the TV series we had to watch has now become the one we barely notice, and tried to pin-point the reason for things taking a turn for the worse. This website celebrates these moments. TV shows, movies and random topics for you to comment on with user friendly A-Z forums .

Got something to say about last nights episode of a TV Show? Driven mad by the ludicrous ending of a Movie? Want to discuss any Other Topics that drive you mad on a daily basis? Then look no further. Jumped The Shark is a community dedicated to telling it like it is.

There are no 5 star reviews here just brutal honesty with a heavy dose of sarcasm thrown in. 

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Ah, memories: https://uk.tv.yahoo.com/photos/gladiators-where-are-they-now-slideshow/wolf-photo-1397658050926.html "
Posted by stebsb on the Gladiators topic.
You can watch You've Been Framed style videos whenever you want. Without ad breaks or annoying laughter tracks ruining it. Think its called 'Youtube'. "
Posted by BabyKay on the You’ve Been Framed topic.
I was going to write a comment here but er..... you mind if i call my buddy first and get his opinion ? Just hang around for a while and browse the rest of the comments and i'll get back to you. "
Posted by BabyKay on the Pawn Stars topic.
Hard to single any one special case of awful acting out from the rest. Darren and his squeaky voices and impressions is up at the top of the greatest examples of bad acting. Him and Freddie deserve their own special episode. Maybe they could have a near death experience after being accidently locked in the cellar of the pub and give us an intense acting experience as they bare their feelings to each other. I smell soap opera awards on the way !! "
Posted by TestingTesting1212 on the Hollyoaks topic.
Is it just me that find YBF really hard to watch now? Some of the people look like they got seiously hurt in the clips. Harry makes light of it as he does and the canned laughter kicks in. But im left thinking, oh my god is that person that fell down the flight of solid concrete steps ok? "
Posted by TestingTesting1212 on the You’ve Been Framed topic.
@stebsb, The release date has now been pushed back to July. You're not whetting our appetite, Noel. You're granting us a stay of execution. "
Posted by stebsb on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
Fun fact... trounced in the ratings by decades-old episodes of the Goodies being shown on BBC2, of all things. Shouting "rape, cancer, paedo, spastics" for half an hour is no substitute for good jokes or well-written sketches, and Boyle, as a professional comedian, should know this. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Tramadol Nights topic.
The short run of early 1960s cartoons directed by Gene Deitch were beyond awful. Made on the absolute cheap by a team of animators behind the iron curtain who had no understanding of basic T&J humour. If you're not familiar with these atrocities, seek out 'Sorry Safari', 'Dicky Moe', 'High Steaks' or 'Landing Stripling' and you'll see exactly what I mean. On occasion, they're actually nightmare-inducing. Later, Chuck Jones came on board and things improved slightly - but only slightly. His T&J cartoons were nice to look at and impressively designed, but not remotely funny. On the face of it, it's a simple idea - a cat and mouse spend their days tormenting each other - but only William Hanna and Joseph Barbera knew how to bring the very best out of this concept, and that's what made the original run of T&J shorts so unique and brilliant. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Tom and Jerry topic.
The Spike Milligan episode is one of the best bits of television I've ever seen. The levels of anger expressed by a man in his early eighties and close to death were truly startling. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Room 101 topic.
The Raccoons became intolerably smug, lecturing, hectoring, high-horse do-gooders. There was an episode where they caught one of their friends smoking, and instantly went into a harangue that made me think "Jeez, why didn't you just shoot her in the face and have done with it?" "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Raccoons, The topic.
The best episodes are still the ones with the live action footage of the 'Pinkmobile' at the start and finish. Oh, and Crazylegs Crane was terrible. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Pink Panther Show, The topic.
Pretty well always left me cold. I accept that it's well acted (except for Gwyneth Strong as Cassandra, and all the kids who took turns as Damien) and immensely popular, but it's just not my thing. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Only Fools and Horses topic.
So you've got a man who resembles a greasy koala bear, is plainly in his fifties yet still lives with his mum, and his partner in crime, a rake-thin Cardew Robinson lookalike with foot-long sideburns and teeth like piano keys, working for a bus company with a bloke who resembles Hitler and laughs like a donkey. Somehow, the begreased koala and the toothy scarecrow manage to 'pull' the 'birds', whilst Hitler gets pissed off at them for not doing their job properly. Completely understandable, yet this makes Hitler the bad guy, the comedy villain - which might work if the two main protagonists weren't so deeply unlikable. Add to this supposed 'plots' which make the average cheapskate end-of-the-pier show or Christmas pantomime look sophisticated and a studio audience full of screeching old women dosed to the gills on sherry, and you have a weekly half-hour of television hell that instantly shoots down any specious 'oh well, the seventies was a golden age for comedy' argument in flames. The films, predictably, were even worse, but at least Holiday On the Buses had the good sense to bring in the genuinely funny Wilfrid Brambell and Henry McGee. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the On the Buses topic.
Years ago, there was a bootleg tape doing the rounds that featured a dummy run / rehearsal session for a late-nineties episode of Noel's House Party. This was when the series was flagging, viewing figures were well down, and Noel actually went on strike one week. You read correctly, the bearded wonder went on strike from his own programme. Anyway, this tape is startling viewing. Edmonds shuffles around in his reading glasses, mumbling under his breath. The floor manager is obviously walking on eggs. The crew are silent and faintly resentful. The whole thing is so bleak, so joyless, so devoid of any obvious love for television or any form of entertainment, that it leaves you in no doubt at all why Noel's House Party was such a chore to sit through. There was no joy, no spontaneity, nothing to look back on and laugh, just an hour of "let's be WACKY!" over-excited shouting, running around and half-baked stunts from a man who never quite outgrew the Radio One culture that spawned him. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Noel’s House Party topic.
Fall off that bike while you're doing that elaborate wave, you silly old puddin'. Oh, and isn't it curious how nobody ever says "I read one of your books once, it was terrible"? "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Murder, She Wrote topic.
I wanted to compare this to the Dick Emery Show, but old Mr Emery actually made me laugh once or twice. All this series has going for it is instant appeal to the kind of people who think the word 'fuck' is intrinsically hilarious, and can only be made funnier by a portly middle-aged man dressed up as a woman saying it. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Mrs Brown’s Boys topic.
The definitive programme for bringing about that "nothing else to look forward to now but toast and jam, a bath, Spitting Image and bed" Sunday evening feeling. Each episode was like overdosing on cocoa and sleeping pills. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Last of the Summer Wine topic.
"You've got more fingers in more pies than a leper on a cookery course!" "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Life on Mars ( uk ) topic.
Even the theme tune was awesome. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Jamie and the Magic Torch topic.
Best ever Grange Hill moment... Fat Alan handing over Tucker's unfinished school dinner to a fat girl in the canteen, saying "Here you are, Wonder Woman, Tucker didn't want this." The 'Wonder Woman' snipe was hilarious enough, but then to make it a perfect bullseye, Alan waited until she'd eaten a couple of forkfuls then casually added "By the way... he spat in that." Had me in stitches when I was little. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Grange Hill topic.
The problem with the ITV shows? Simple. The BBC were treating them pretty shabbily. They'd been promised a Christmas special when they signed up for an eight series (1980) but it never materialized. When they asked what the hold-up was, it was explained to them that John Howard-Davies, who had actually been their producer at the BBC in the early years, wanted to bring in The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which would be eye-wateringly expensive, requiring props, sets, costumes, animation, sound effects, location filming, the works. The Goodies were asked to wait until 'Galaxy' had been broadcast, and if it was a flop, the BBC would ask the Goodies back, but if it was a hit, they wouldn't. Nice way to treat a team who'd had a ten year run, won awards, had hit singles and best selling books, and at one stage were bigger than the biggest pop group. David Bell at London Weekend Television made the Goodies an offer they couldn't refuse - more money than they'd earned from the BBC in the previous decade, a film project and a three-year contract. Tim Brooke-Taylor wasn't happy about it, but Garden and Oddie were going through expensive, messy divorces and were happy to take the first big offer that came along. Sadly, LWT hugely underestimated what a complicated show the Goodies was to produce, and how much was involved in producing a typical half-hour episode. Their props, special effects, costumes and technical departments were several notches below the high standard of the BBC's, and the episodes looked strangely cheap, botched and rushed, even though it was an expensive production. The film project they'd been promised turned out to be a half-hour Christmas special shot on 16mm film, rather than a cinema film. Worst of all, LWT put the Goodies on Saturday teatimes rather than at the 9pm slot they'd occupied at the BBC, giving it the appearance of a children's programme. Viewing figures were good to begin with, but the audiences didn't stay. There was a feeling that the team were going over old ground, and that they were getting a bit old for all that silly running about. As for the three year contract? John Birt saw how much the series was costing and pulled the plug, but crucially didn't break the contract - they got paid, but not to make programmes, meaning the Goodies couldn't make programmes for anyone else. It was a sad way to end, and the team have often said they would have liked to have done a definitive 'last ever' episode, but it was not to be. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Goodies, The topic.
The only poor episode is 'Waldorf Salad', which is just too repetitive and exists mainly as a vehicle for John Cleese's recurring "Oh, Americans provide much better public service than us careless Brits, and they actually complain about things whilst we Brits are so repressed and polite" hobby horse. He took this to an insane level in 'A Fish Called Wanda', of course. Other than that... well, obviously Fawlty Towers is a work of genius. One bad episode out of twelve? I can forgive that, especially when the best episodes contain more genuine laughs and humour than an entire series of some other shows I could mention. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Fawlty Towers topic.
Bad animation, bad voice acting, annoying theme music, repetitive stories... yet to the dunderheads at my school, this was 'brilliant' and 'genius'. They called me a baby because I preferred classic MGM and Warner Brothers cartoons. The bloody cheek of it! "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds topic.
I think it jumped when they did away with the 'Bully driving a bus' opening sequence and replaced it with a bit of live action / cartoon interface with a 'toon Bully rampaging around a real life studio. Just put me off the idea of watching the rest of the show, for some reason. And the less said about the revival with Dave Spikey, the better. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Bullseye ( uk ) topic.
How in the name of all that's holy did this absolute abomination briefly become Britain's most watched and most talked-about sitcom? Paul and Linda McCartney made guest appearances, well, hold the front page. TV Cream has a very funny entry on why Bread was so worthless, but for me it was the whole done-to-death "I never wanted to be rich, I just wanted to be happy" slightly miffed (but never actually angry) salt-of-the-earth working class stereotypes, Carla Lane's absolute inability to write a funny line of any kind, and the way it portrayed unemployed people as living the life of Riley on government handouts. I must stop now, I could go on for paragraphs! "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Bread topic.
The final episode of series two, 'S'Out', which was postponed for years because of a real-life murder on Wimbledon Common, is the moment where the rot started to set in. A terrible half-hour. I had high hopes for the third series, which began with 'Hole' - just the two lads stranded on a Ferris wheel for half an hour, bickering back and forth - then swipe me if it didn't promptly go right down the pan with the dreadful 'Terror', 'Finger' and 'Break' episodes. The one with the pub quiz wasn't bad, and 'Carnival' was agreeably nutty, but the third series as a whole felt like a step too far. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Bottom topic.
I really liked Black Adder, the first series. It wasn't a barrel of laughs but it was well made, well acted, had bags of atmosphere and was clearly a big budget production. The final episode, especially Mad Gerald and Edmund falling victim to the 'codling grinder', is a classic. Black Adder II has some good moments, such as Tom Baker's literally legless sea dog, and the farce involving Edmund's puritanical relatives in one room and the booze-up in the other room, but the rot really set in with the third series, where Edmund turned into a smug, sneering, apparently indestructible anti-hero, like Garfield without the charm. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Blackadder topic.
After the fourth series, when it simply became 'Smith and Jones', there was a slight drop in quality, and the last run they did in the late nineties was a bit tired, but even so there were good moments even in the poorest shows. The 'Home Made Xmas Video' is legitimately one of my favourite things in the world. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the Alas Smith and Jones topic.
As with all Perry / Croft / Lloyd production line comedies - yes, even Dad's Army - I found this a real chore to get through. One-dimensional characters, overused jokes and catchphrases, and the usual problem with a variety-based ensemble piece, namely several second-string actors all straining to get their faces in front of the camera at any given time. I felt sorry for Kenneth Connor, having to do all the "dicky tickeurrr" business week after week. "
Posted by Eural Cunce on the ‘Allo ‘Allo topic.
There is far too much product placement! Also i would just like to say that when im kicking back to watch an episode of Bar Rescue i like to pour myself a little shot of DON JULIO TEQUILA. Its crisp and fresh and i love DON JULIO TEQUILA, ive told all my friends about DON JULIO TEQUILA and they agree that DON JULIO TEQUILA is the best around. I might even go on a holiday to Mexico soon to see DON JULIO TEQUILA being produced because thats how strongly i feel about DON JULIO TEQUILA. "
Posted by Rob on the Bar Rescue topic.
@big ragu, Agreed. The worst scene in FG history is Brian the dog more or less rimming a baby. And the baby loving it. Im no prude but thats just wrong in every way. "
Posted by PTM72 on the Family Guy topic.
She was reasonably talented as a comic actress. She just needed to tone down her gestures a little. "
Posted by PTM72 on the That’s So Raven topic.
The finale was a new low for HIMYM. And the moral of the story is........Dont worry dad, moms dead now we always knew you wanted to get with another woman anyway so you go nuts'. "
Posted by PTM72 on the How I Met Your Mother topic.
Never got a chance to prove itself really. I would still choose never jumped cause from what i remember it was a decent bit of sci-fi. But it was a tv show with great potential cancelled before it ever had a chance to show us all how good it could be. "
Posted by Foossy on the Firefly topic.
Watched an episode of this after reading about it here. I can confirm for anyone that hasnt seen this that its the worst thing that has ever been produced in the name of comedy. No wonder you Brits are so angry and depressed all the time. Its nothing to do with the shitty weather its this guys fault. "
Posted by Foossy on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
Great show, never got the chance to jump. It should have gotten another season instead of being cancelled after 4 episodes. "
Posted by SMEGHEAD on the Firefly topic.
@stebsb, Even more interestingly, the release date has now been pushed back to May 2014. So, that's Father's Day sorted then. But only if you really hate your dad. Oh, and here's a wee trivia question for you - how many series of "Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy" will we be treated to? Go into Amazon for the terrifying answer. "
Posted by stebsb on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
One of the best comedies when growing up. But word of warning, this has suffered from '80s sitcoms that were once funny are now shit' disease. A highly infectious condition that effects nearly every classic 80s sitcom. Like many others around that time this has aged so badly i would be surprised if anyone even grinned a little at the once hilarious lines. It was great at the time. Its not great now. Don't go back, leave your memories in tact. "
Posted by GoodnessGracious on the Family Ties topic.
One of the most memorable spoken theme tunes i can ever remember. And the rest of the tv show was nearly as good as this. "
Posted by GoodnessGracious on the Fall Guy , The topic.
Still watching it still enjoying it. The douche bag behavior of early seasons has all but gone now. I know it was a ratings grabbing ploy in the early days and maybe it worked? But things have moved on i just want to see them training and fighting not acting like animals. I certainly don't want to see anyone eating Sushi that someone else has jerked off onto. Its not funny. "
Posted by P.Wail on the Ultimate Fighter, The topic.