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Even the best TV shows run their course after a while, the greatest movies jumpedsharkdo one sequel too many, or celebrities choose yet another disasterous career move . Almost all of us have gradually realised at some point that the TV series we had to watch has now become the one we barely notice, and tried to pin-point the reason for things taking a turn for the worse. This website celebrates these moments. TV shows, movies and random topics for you to comment on with user friendly A-Z forums .

Got something to say about last nights episode of a TV Show? Driven mad by the ludicrous ending of a Movie? Want to discuss any Other Topics that drive you mad on a daily basis? Then look no further. Jumped The Shark is a community dedicated to telling it like it is.

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All the guys watch it for the hot chicks! Fact. Its been dismall since the very first episode. I doubt any guy can even tell you whats going on in Hollyoaks. They are all too transfixed by Mercedes boobs bulging out her top or Sineads cameltoe protruding from her leggings to notice any storylines. "
Posted by Uglypimp on the Hollyoaks topic.
Jake getting older spoiled everything before Ashton Kutcher fucked things good and proper. Jake was the star of the show at one point not Sheen. "
Posted by Uglypimp on the Two and a Half Men topic.
Debs falling in love with Dexter. Huge jump moment. Stays in my mind above all other shitty Dexter moments. TBH it was probably on a downward slide after the excellent first season but Debs lusting after her brother really was one step too far. "
Posted by Uglypimp on the Dexter topic.
Cant see the big fuss. Twitter users 'shocked' 'offended' 'horrified' because Harry Hill has injected a bit of humour in to an otherwise run of the mill put a wig on and sing your favourite song talent show. Its not like hes taken over from Trevor McDonald on the 10 oclock news is it? Its Stars in their Eyes ffs. "
Posted by TomBoy350 on the Stars in their Eyes. topic.
Oh Harry what have you done? This has to be one of the worst career moves in a long time. Toe curlingly awful. "
Posted by Ingeman on the Stars in their Eyes. topic.
I thought Julie was really pretty so at least she kept me tuning in even though Reggie Theus played a coach in real life too which was lame "
Posted by bradfather on the Hang Time topic.
This show never jumped. I am an American who watched this on the Disney Channel all the time and it was one show I never missed when I came home from school. This show explored adult topics in an appropriate way (I had a crush on a cute girl at school around the time when Bert crushed on Lisa and I could relate to this) and retained its innocence. Yes, I'll admit that it was better when Cyril was a villain but the story lines were still good as the character underwent a transition. I thank CBC for exporting this, Road To Avonlea and Danger Bay to we American audiences. They all taught me to appreciate different cultures and even though I am conservative in my politics, this show taught me to be respectful to those with differing views. Kevin Gillis is a genius. I want my kids, when I am a dad, to be able to access this show. "
Posted by bradfather on the Raccoons, The topic.
Didnt Northern Exposure do the whole 'Big city doctor moves to small town and has to adjust to the new simpler way of life' bullshit when the new doctor arrived? Or am i getting my shows confused? I watched 'Doc Hollywood' recently so i might be getting mixed up with that. Its shit by the way, so dont watch it. "
Posted by TheOPP on the Northern Exposure topic.
I think Northern Exposure jumped the shark in season 3, episode 14, "Burning Down the House" when it considered flinging a live cow. I was really into this quirky show in my last days of college but the ho until then was weird but not sadistic was upsetting. I really never watched an episode after that. "
Posted by Shannon on the Northern Exposure topic.
Was i alone in wanting Skelator to win everytime? I felt sorry for him. His voice was far too high pitched to be scary. He-Man and his crew always humiliated him in every episode. And the only one who laughed at his terrible jokes was himself. Always got the feeling that his laughter was just on the point of turning to to tears :( "
Posted by Kerrrplunk on the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe topic.
Up till season 4 it was one of my favourite tv series. The demise of Dexter came swiftly though and the once intelligent psychological thriller became tedious, ludicrous and horribly predictable shortly into season 5 "
Posted by Kerrrplunk on the Dexter topic.
There are alot of issues over the practicality of having a Bigfoot staying your house. Obviously the toilet issue is a bit of a problem. But more importantly what happens if that huge beast gets horny ? My gran has a small dog that humps everything including peoples legs. Its annoying and embarrassing for the person involved. Can you imagine what it would be like to be subjected to this kind of sexual assualt from a 7ft hairy beast?? Who the hell is going to haul him off as he starts thrusting away? Bigfoot jizz all down the walls? Man, when you think about it, its really horrible. I wouldnt be having my teenage daughter walking around dressed like that, thats all im saying. Its not worth the risk. I dont trust Harry one little bit! "
Posted by Kerrrplunk on the Harry and the Hendersons topic.
It did almost happen overnight, it happened in less than a year. "
Posted by Shannon on the Little House on the Prairie topic.
I was only a few yrs younger than Melissa Gilbert about Albert's age when the program was on TV. So I had read at least the main book before the show premiered and was delighted the stories were brought to TV. Over time I continued to read most of Wilder's books, and the stories on TV very much deviated from the books where Landon used a lot of artistic license. In real life Laura married at age 18 after teaching school for 2 yrs, she had known Almanzo for a few years, he being a decade older than her. Her marriage ended her teaching career and she had a daughter, Rose, a little over a year later. Laura and Almanzo had a really hard life, they had a new born son die a few years later, Almanzo contracted diphtheria which left him partially paralyzed for awhile, he recovered partially but always walked with a cane afterwards. They experienced several fires, loss of housing and income, severe drought, illness, they moved to Florida and then returned. Where I think "Little House on the Prairie" really jumped the shark was when they had Laura grow up in the span of one season. At the beginning of season 6 (Sept 1979), Melissa would have been about 15, up until this time she is always seen in braids and doing Tom-boy stuff with her guy pals and in later yrs, Albert, who is about 12 or 13. Laura meets Almanzo, who is a decade older than her and fights over Nellie for his attention. This is the first time Laura ever takes out her braids and tries to act grown up. Then a couple of episodes later, she has the opportunity to toss water on a date of Almanzo's, who is closer to his age. Two episodes later, Laura is part of Albert's dream of being kidnapped by a rogue Indian tribe and she is back in braids and even a male Indian clothing (trousers) costume going to a party at Nellie's. For most of season 6, stories about other characters take up a lot of the time and Laura is still mostly in braids, going to school with Liza Jane as her teacher and acting like a Tom-boy but on occasion with her hair down and swooning for "Manly". In February 1980, near the end of season 6, there is an episode where Pa tries to get Laura interested in Almanzo's younger brother Perley, when he finally realizes that Almanzo is interested in his daughter. Pa comes to realize that Almanzo is a better choice and later that same season Laura takes her first teaching job and Almanzo drives her back and forth, allowing the relationship to blossom. Season 6 ends with a two part episode and season 7 starts with a 2 part episode. In it, Almanzo proposes, Pa tells 16 yr old Laura she needs to wait until she is 18 to marry Almanzo, Almanzo decides she is too young and leaves, everyone changing their minds about what they were stubbornly standing by, at the last moment he stops the coach and they deciding to marry. At the same time, Almanzo's sister Liza Jane decides to leave town to both save face in a romantic misunderstanding and leave the house to the newly married couple and her teaching position to Laura. The third episode of the 7th season, starts some new story lines and gives the audience a break of a few episodes before going into some Wilder marital problems. It's around this time that they start calling the show "A New Beginning". Then Laura has an 11 month pregnancy from Season 7, 2 Mar. 1981 to Season 8, 22 Feb. 1982, and season 9 features story lines with most characters NOT from the original cast, to finally end the series after season 9 and 3 specials which includes Albert dying and them blowing up the town of Walnut Grove. I don't know if they were worried the show would get canceled before they could show Laura grown up or if they just started to run out of story ideas and decide to rush things. However, I think they kept Laura in braids for too long, regarding the time period and yet really rushed her to marriage. There is only 1 real time year and one season btwn Laura meeting Almanzo as a young girl to her being married to him as a young bride; roughly 15.5 to 16.5 or so in age. During this time she goes from a Tom-boy in braids and being interested in this much older man to doing various things to get his attention (some of which were pretty mean and/or embarrassing), to him finally being interested in her, them courting while he drove her to and from teaching, to their debates about getting married and actually getting married. That's a whole lot of things and no extra time is really implied as passing as Laura is suppose to wait 2 yrs to marry but doesn't. The whole thing just happens too fast, Laura on the show marriages 2 yrs before her real life character does. Even though teenagers didn't really exist in the way we know of them now, young people in the 1800's did have a path of maturity. They kept Laura in braids being a school girl Tom-boy for longer than she probably would have been back in the 1800's. By the age of 15, as the real life Laura demonstrates in the books, girls usually took their hair out of braids, had some girl friends at school they hung out with and started to prepare for their adult lives and focus more on things like dances and society; ie being a proper lady. However, once Laura meets Almanzo, there is so little character development beyond the fact that she knows she wants to be Mrs Wilder some day. There's just not much to their romance or anything, the whole thing is rushed but of course it is, since everything from meeting to marriage takes place in in a year's time. When I was a kid, I was watching this show as a 13/14 yr old, watching a person I knew was 15/16 struggling to get the attention of this much older man, then get to know and marry this man at age 16 and go onto have a baby at 17. I knew this was far earlier than what really happened to the real life Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I wondered why everything was so rushed. They could have taken a couple of more years to tell the story but I guess since the series ended about the time the real life Laura got married, they wouldn't have been able to fit everything in before the show went off the air. Anyways, the show really jumped the shark when Laura grew up in a year's time, before that it was a delightful family program. After that, it seems like they didn't have any story ideas and most the story lines didn't include many of the original characters. "
Posted by Shannon on the Little House on the Prairie topic.
@Coaddycox, Don't forget the entire CLASS breaking into a choreographed musical number. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@deadrip, I call it "Funky Winkerbean Syndrome," i.e. a comedy gets preachy and up its ass and takes itself seriously with preachy messages. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@kevo, it was even worse when Fonzie became the main character, and all the secondary ones (i.e. everyone else) would have some kind of problem, and say "what are we gonna do?" Then Fonzie walks in, stage right, and just stands there; and the audience screams like the cavalry just came over the hill, and it goes to commercial-break. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@unreality, That "Happy Dayss" song was also bellowed out like the world's cheapest Elvis-impersonator, it was awful. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@Hipwayday, The STUDIO audience, who are trained to howl like Pavlov's dogs when the studio "LAUGH LIKE A LUNATIC" sign lights up. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@diana, It's like the scene in "West Side Story" where you don't know whether they're going to fight or have gay sex. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@diana, It's like the scene in "West Side Story" where you don't know whether they're going to fight or have gay sex. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@lowrezza, And his singing SUCKED. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@AnnoyinglyRandom, The irony is, that long before, Fonzie jumped 17 barrels on his motorcycle to prove himself-- but then he broke his leg and confessed that it was a stupid thing to do... clearly this was just a PSA to stop kids from copying Evel Kneievel since they were jumping their bikes and getting stitches or worse, so ABC figured Fonzie was a role-model for what's cool. But then after all that, he jumps a shark? Sure, why break your leg when you can get EATEN ALIVE? Totally inconsistent. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@Gemz26, Ralph and Potsie constantly got chicks way too attractive for them; in fact I'd see them hitting on super-hot chicks and feel so embarrassed for them that I avoided it myself in the future, saying "I'd never fish out of my league like that." I could understand Richie with the "Archie" angle, but Ralph and Potsie were like Jug-head and Dilton Doily. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@CrazyWisdom, Chachi hell, what about Fonzi's "Cousin Spike?" He was Chachi on steroids in terms of annoying. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@Tez, More like WHENEVER the audience screamed with joy... such as when Fonzie enters stage right, and that's the end of the scene since the audience was screaming with joy so much. Or just WHEN THEY ADDED THE AUDIENCE.... and then opened with "HAPPY DAYS IS FILMED IN FRONT OF A LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE" as if we're supposed to LIKE them for it, when it ruins the show. That's like a movie-theater owner saying "OUR AUDIENCE TALKS DURING THE FILM!" to draw in customers. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@NicolaH, Exactly, the original Fonzie was so stoic that he didn't even want to walk on his injured leg for fear of "having to make uncool faces." "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@Cheace, Actually Fonzie started out as the windbreaker-wearing poor-kid dropout who was still fun to hang around with. Then the the shark jumped... "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@SpeedFreak, Especially when he danced the Jewish HORAH dspite being supposedly Italian. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@LilHoney, I always hated it. Originally Fonzie was just the typical 50's poor kid, a drop-out loser who still had some redeeming charm, but then somehow he became the love-child of Marlon Brando and James Dean. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
:) "
Posted by andy on the True Blood topic.
@Saffy, It was because lack covers fat better, and a beard covers a triple-chin. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
Its all they've ever wanted and it means the world to them. Especially since their pet hamster died 15 years ago. Still hard to deal with for everyone and they are now singing in memory of the hamster. Only a Westlife balled played in the background will be able to convey how raw the emotion still is. This now 'means the world to them'. 'Its been a journey' "
Posted by EmmettD49eozsha on the The X factor topic.
@HamilT, See "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChuckCunninghamSyndrome "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@ColourfullyCute, Originally he only dated skanky sluts like Lavern and Shirley, but then his mind-control power over women came with the "Superman" option-package that he somehow got later on in the series. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
@Cometobedeyes, No. Infact im hard pushed to remember any scary vampires. "
Posted by EmmettD49eozsha on the True Blood topic.
Knowing Fonzie, he jimmied the ballot-box. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
The song "Happy Days" was a very lame and patronizing bit of over-done "American Dream" hypocrisy, with their wailing and moaning over-the-top attempt to portray some "50's" stereotypical music-style. In contrast, the original "Rock around the Clock" theme-song was an ACTUAL piece of the 50's, which represented the show's original style of light-hearted comedy. Appropriately, the transition to the "Happy Days" intro-song represented the show's transition to the self-indulgent "Fonzie show" where everything became a living caricature of its former self. Character evolution is one thing, "Flanderization" another, okee dodelee do neighbor! "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
I lost it when Richie and his friends somehow take over a TV studio without security arresting them, and then everyone suddenly breaks out singing and dancing "do the Fonzy" choreographed.... I literally kicked the TV, it was so damn stupid. WTF were they thinking at ABC? It was even worse thanf Steven Seagal in "On Deadly Ground" when he wrote the script so that everyone was cheering his ruthless, sadistic violence...if they had all broken out singing "do the Seagal" then it would be draw close. Pride cometh before a shark. "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Happy Days topic.
Remember when vampires were scary and bad ass and didnt look like Abercrombie and Fitch models? "
Posted by Cometobedeyes on the True Blood topic.