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Even the best TV shows run their course after a while, the greatest movies jumpedsharkdo one sequel too many, or celebrities choose yet another disasterous career move . Almost all of us have gradually realised at some point that the TV series we had to watch has now become the one we barely notice, and tried to pin-point the reason for things taking a turn for the worse. This website celebrates these moments. TV shows, movies and random topics for you to comment on with user friendly A-Z forums .

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the 80's was fun time period if you're under 12 years old, but when you're older and more wiser you are staring the see the cracks in the show, repeating formulas, zero character development and too much painful clichés to handle than it's starting to bore. the a-team suffers from all that except the over-the-top action (nobody dies is lame), fun charisma between all main four characters, but yes when they stop being mercenaries working for the government in the final season was the last nail in coffin for the series, removing the over-top fun to a boring "i din't care" espionage series. "
Posted by Josh101 on the A-team, The topic.
Hes a keen Big Bro fan now its on ch5 and he has a new batch of eager guests from it to appear on the show. But before we all slag og The Wright Stuff dont foget that Jeremy Kyle is the alternative. I know what i prefer. "
Posted by TheOPP on the Wright Stuff, The topic.
By far the best off all these business style television shows. The deals they make are huuuuuge and there is some real fun moments plus geniune rivalry between the Sharks as they battle it out for the deal. Mr Wonderful does his usual pantomine bad guy routine which is getting a little boring now but i think its Mark Cuban that is the real star of the show. Very clever man with a very quick temper who takes no shit from the others. You dont watch it? 'Then you're dead to me' "
Posted by andy on the Shark Tank topic.
I would say the 'early era' M*A*S*H was as good as any tv show ever. Almost perfect infact. It lost a lot of its early charm towards the end of its run but i'd still say 'never jumped'. "
Posted by Flutterby on the M*A*S*H topic.
@stebsb, I think I remember this being pointed out frequently including way back when the show was still on the air. But it is funny to here Hawkeye, BJ etc. complain how long they've been there. The question was, are they complaining how long the war is or how long this show has been hanging on? "
Posted by Barney on the M*A*S*H topic.
Most answers here are basically right. The series went way downhill after season three for a few reasons. I believe the production staff (writers, directors, etc) turned over after season three or soon thereafter, and the show went from being funny to being unfunny. In later seasons MASH was sometimes good drama, but the comedy writing and performances were embarrassing. The early casting with Col. Blake, Tarpper and Frank was far funnier and likable than Potter, BJ and Charles. Also a few key characters underwent personality changes. Hot Lips went from being sexy and funny to being sober and unfunny, Radar, though always a bit childlike and nerdy, went from being smart and clever to being babyish and lame. Klinger went from being extra-extra comic relief to being responsible and boring. "
Posted by Barney on the M*A*S*H topic.
@andy Yes these twins were far too slutty for kids tv. I remember the little male contestants faces watching the twins jump around as there huge tits bounced inches from the youngsters faces. My dad LOVED Funhouse. Couldnt figure it when i was a kid, i just thought he liked good family gameshows. But it all makes sense now. "
Posted by AnnesCar on the Fun House ( uk ) topic.
Fun House was the best kids game show ever. It looked brilliant fun and the prizes back then were fantastic. Remember this is the early 90s and these kids are winning holidays abroad with their parents along with ghetto blasters, televisions and all manner of other prizes. There was no other gameshow on at the time that could compare with Funhouse. And all you have to do it get gunged and drive around some gokarts !! Hell, everyone would do that for free anyway. "
Posted by amil on the Fun House ( uk ) topic.
Pa has his shit together being a multi skilled family man and all round great guy in the community. And his hair looks just awesome aswell! Does this make Pa Ingle the first ever metro sexual ? "
Posted by DaveyBio on the Little House on the Prairie topic.
The only television show that make me want to take a shower immediately after watching it cause i somehow feel dirty. "
Posted by DaveyBio on the Jersey Shore topic.
What does this show have to do with history, this show helped the network The History Channel jump the shark. "
Posted by davidhp on the Pawn Stars topic.
One of the worst shows at the beginning of the worst trend in television of reality shows. "
Posted by davidhp on the Jersey Shore topic.
The show really lost a lot when Jessica moved to New York and around the world having relatives in every country in the world. It was better when Jessica lived in Cabot Cove. "
Posted by davidhp on the Murder, She Wrote topic.
I reckon you could book this lot for a hundred quid for a childs birthday party these days. How the mighty have fallen. I would still try and haggle them down to £75. There aint no party like an S Club party. "
Posted by TheOPP on the S Club 7 topic.
Raiders... is my all-time favourite film! Terrible shame how it was disassembled in Big Bang Theory. Last Crusade would have been better 2nd movie as it carried the Nazi story & Biblical icons. Love the opening sequence of TOD just hated the rest. Didn't mind Crystal Skull but, Indy is too old! "
Posted by oldgeek on the Indian Jones film series topic.
Currently showing on Oz tv. I thought it was Jonathan Winters who played Mindy's uncle but, to later arrived as Mearth? Continuity??? "
Posted by oldgeek on the Mork & Mindy topic.
Not enough voting options. I'd say GT truly JTS when they added Keith. "
Posted by Rickenbacker on the Good Times topic.
Its a real crazy show where anything goes. Use you body and your brain if you wanna play the game. Wacky! Fun! Crazy! It's outrageous. These are just secret ways for Pat Sharp to describe what he gets up to with the twins backstage after the shows finished. That mullet was irresistable back in the 90s for young women looking to get into kids tv presenting. "
Posted by majik on the Fun House ( uk ) topic.
Never really jumped per say. It was just that it was on all the time!! Xmas, bank holidays, summer and every bloody sunday night. It was torture having to sit through another episode of this. My grandparents insistance that it was classic comedy and that they dont make tv like this anymore only made it worse. "
Posted by Audrie05 on the Dad’s Army topic.
Get rid of Fish Mooney and give Barbara Gordon a vacation from the show. Both these 'actresses' are terrible. Noticabley more because most of the other cast do a great job. Gotham can be saved if these two are ditched. "
Posted by Audrie05 on the Gotham topic.
For the most part, it was very funny with some episodes being extremely funny and memorable. There was a lot of innovative and groundbreaking stuff. Thr trouble is, without the repeat showings, it's difficult for the general public to give a fair opinion of it. It's definitely overdue an airing. I know a few DVDs have been released but the rest of the episodes should be released on DVD now. "
Posted by joewalker on the Goodies, The topic.
Dad's Army never really jumped the shark but it was never quite as good after the death of James Beck who played Private Walker. "
Posted by joewalker on the Dad’s Army topic.
Season 9, second episode. The show start to be a mix of gold and coal, with constant increase of coal. Total decline, from the fourteenth season. After the mediocre film some rare episodes are back enjoyable, but the golden age is over. "
Posted by Trajan on the Simpsons, The topic.
New reason: Quagmire hates Brian Quagmire was funny as a complete sex-maniac and misogynist, but suddenly he hates Brian and becomes all high and mighty about it. This was clearly because people were saying the show was "too liberal," and this pandering is definitely pandering to that audience, while insulting the loyal viewers; it happens all the time. The same thing happened when Brian was on the Bill Maher show, and they all insulted his liberal ideas. Definite shark-jump "
Posted by SarahWitch on the Family Guy topic.
Casting Rosie O'Donnell to play Betty Rubble is as appropriate as casting to Woody Allen to play Conan the Barbarian. "
Posted by stebsb on the The Flintstones ( movie ) topic.
Really great so far apart from Mrs Smith ruining every scene shes in. This story of the body parts being harvested from prisoners is complete bullshit and will be forgotten about by the second season. Oh and that guy having his head attached to a womans body was the worst CGI ive seen in a while. Akin to a Sci-Fi Channel movie. "
Posted by YOLO on the Gotham topic.
Far too much brown nosing by Jonathan. Every guest he fawns over gushing about how great they are and how much he and the public love them so much. This happens with most guests in most episodes. "
great jim carrey comedy film about faith (not religion). but becomes a chore during the second half of the film where the annoying misunderstanding cliché plot-device comes up when grace (jennifer aniston) thinks bruce (jim carrey) is cheating on her and the this cliché goes on and on and slows the movie down. i like the film i just hate that stupid romantic comedy cliché!. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Bruce Almighty topic.
thank god it's was cancelled, forget that family guy has love/hate with the fans, "the cleveland show" jumped the shark when it first aired. just not funny and the main character cleveland brown is more of a douche then he was in original series. i know this series is trying to hard, but the poor writing, almost all the characters in this series are piss-poor stereotypes of american society and the fact that this spin-off feels like a carborn copy of family guy then anything else. probably the only likable character is cleveland jr., but he's treated like an outcast like meg in family guy, seth macfarlane needs to stop. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Cleveland Show , The topic.
I don't think some of these reasons are the show jumping the shark...more getting annoying or boring. The girls have been ok and it's not unrealistic for it to happen, it's just taken the core premise and focus of the jokes (fish out of water in society) in a different direction. For me, the "jump" has been when Howard went into space...ridiculous. "
Posted by fatboyslick on the Big Bang Theory, The topic.
the only film in the original cast series that i hated was the first film, boring and slow as hell. but jumping the shark was "star trek V: the final frontier", however i liked it, at least is fast-paced and a very entertaining mess of a movie. i think it's underrated. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Star Trek ( original cast film series ) topic.
superman III is a guilty pleasure of mine, yes it did jumped the shark more then superman II, but it's camp appeal is hilarious, and give me a silver age felling on superman in a good way. superman IV: quest for cheap, is where it jumping the shark so many times with such cheap production values almost like tv movie that ended up on the big screen. the first 3 films are to watch. stay away from IV. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Superman film series ( 1978 – 1987 ) topic.
the main series are hilarious and great: 1, 2, 3: american wedding, 4: Reunion. think 3 is the funniest. the straight to DVD films are where it jumping the shark for me. stick to the original cast and the one and only steve stifler (seann william scott) not those half-ass wannabee's in the crappy straight to DVD films. "band camp" spin-off is at least watchable. "
Posted by Josh101 on the American Pie topic.
KARATE KID: is awesome KARATE KID, PART II: not as great as the first film but still awesome. KARATE KID, PART III: it might be where it "jumped the shark", it's kinda goofy and over-the-top cheese, not as good as the previous films. but i liked it, it's a lot of fun. THE NEXT KARATE KID: garbage!!! stay away from this crap. this film should have never existed, only redeeming thing in this crap is hilary swank (first leading role) and pat morita (mr. myagi). THE KARATE KID 2010 - is a really fun remake of the original, despite the misleading american title the plot is very similar but with kung fu. thank god it's a good remake. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Karate Kid ( original film series ) topic.
i wanted to like "Fringe" because of the cool idea mixing "the x-files" with "fringe science" and it worked for the most part. but this series suffers from the same problem as J.J. Abrams previous shows, "Alias" and "Lost". they all have a really strong start introducing the characters, villains, and the story-arc. but always fall apart after one or two seasons, in fringe case they put so much time on the alternate universe/timeline story-line of season 2 and it's convoluted as hell, season 3 was slightly better but plot-holes are everywhere. by then i give up since i felt that show is trying to too hard to be sci-fi. from what i read on IMDB i'm glad i'm not the only one. it's not a bad show, just one of those "trying to hard" kinda shows. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Fringe topic.
adam sandler being in a lot horrible films lately, but "Click" is kinda before he really went down-hill. "click" tried to be comedy with drama spiced-in. few comedic scene are funny, but most of the time it's the same sandler shtick. but when it stating to be dramatic it's tear-jerking and adam sandler can do drama really well, one of the few films that made me cry. the film's famous "father scene" is one of the saddest scenes in film history. but the film's ending sucks "
Posted by Josh101 on the Click topic.
The Mummy returns does rehash the plot from the previous film, but at least it's entertaining. "tomb of the dragon emperor" sucks!!!, was a dumb film and a dumb idea, why china!? why not aztec in 1940's mexico?, it makes more sense since it similar to egypt even in culture. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Mummy, The topic.
a nightmare on elm street is an interesting franchise, the first film is classic. "Elm street 2" is pretty good film but underrated as hell, sand-alone sequel that can take place anywhere in original timeline. "Elm street 3" the true sequel to the first film, and my 2nd favorite elm street film. "Elm street 4" it's a mixed bag, in my opinion that's were it jumped the shark with the comedy, way to commercial for the mainstream and not scary. "Elm street 5" an improvement, much darker and creepy but still has problems. "Freddy's dead" is a complete joke, and the plot sucks and feels like they rehash the plot from "elm street 3". the only highlights in the film freddy kruger flashbacks. "New Nightmare" is my 3rd favorite in the series. cleaver and interesting and scary again. "Freddy vs. jason" is ok, nice crossover with horror icons, but suffers a lot from the post "scream" slasher generation. the "elm street" remake is just crap, another wasted horror remake cash-in. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Nightmare on Elm Street topic.
true that "die hard 2: die harder" kinda jumped the shark with lack of realism during really impossible situations, but it respects the roots of the first film, and it's my 2nd favorite die hard film. "die hard 3: with a vengeance" feels to different more like "SPEED" film then a die hard film. but it grown on me after a while. "die hard 4" is not bad, not as classic as the previous films. die hard 5 IS GARBAGE!!!. "
Posted by Josh101 on the Die Hard ( Film Series ) topic.
i don't hate Michael bay he did few films that are actually really like "The Rock" and "The Island" are his best films to date. the Transformers films are like Junk food it makes so much money he doesn't need to put any effort into the making it. the first film was ok for the most part, had a lot of stupid moments, plot-holes and annoying as hell human stereotypes. but the sequels are almost the same only double the stupid moments, plot-holes and annoying human stereotypes including the autobots twins. and people eat that up without thinking twice almost like a fast food joint. yes people we are getting stupid, thanks michael bay!!! "
Posted by Josh101 on the Transformers Movie Series topic.