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Even the best TV shows run their course after a while, the greatest movies jumpedsharkdo one sequel too many, or celebrities choose yet another disasterous career move . Almost all of us have gradually realised at some point that the TV series we had to watch has now become the one we barely notice, and tried to pin-point the reason for things taking a turn for the worse. This website celebrates these moments. TV shows, movies and random topics for you to comment on with user friendly A-Z forums .

Got something to say about last nights episode of a TV Show? Driven mad by the ludicrous ending of a Movie? Want to discuss any Other Topics that drive you mad on a daily basis? Then look no further. Jumped The Shark is a community dedicated to telling it like it is.

There are no 5 star reviews here just brutal honesty with a heavy dose of sarcasm thrown in. 

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Remember when vampires were scary and bad ass and didnt look like Abercrombie and Fitch models? "
Posted by Cometobedeyes on the True Blood topic.
This needs to end now. Its sooo past its sell by date. "
Posted by Cometobedeyes on the The X factor topic.
I loved this!! But one thing slightly bugged me. The final episode when Walter White goes A-Team / McGyver and builds the rotating machine gun in the boot of the car. Probably the only bad moment but i still think about it when i look back at Breaking Bad. It wasnt enough to ruin things but it was a bit sucky. Maybe it sticks in my head because theres just nothing else to complain about? It was damn near perfect. "
Posted by Cometobedeyes on the Breaking Bad topic.
Serious contender for worst sitcom of the last few years. In all seriousness i would be hard pushed to put many ahead of it. There certainly cant be many as shit as this that have ran for so many series. "
Posted by Cometobedeyes on the Not Going Out topic.
Awesome Trilogy! "
Posted by BrianBKD123 on the Back to The Future Film Series topic.
Just finished watching the finale of season 5. I was really into it for the first four seasons, but a little disappointed in the way they brought the series to a close. Seems like the writers left some promising plot lines undeveloped; They were just going for a way to end the show. For example, at the end of season 4, Hank had discovered the copy of Leaves of Grass that Gayle gave to Walt, with the dedication written in front, and he stole it from Walt's house. That was good, but then it never came up again. How did Hank know where Walt got that book? He could have found it at a garage sale, mabe not even have known the dedication was written in the front. That would have made for some good intrigue between Hank and Walt. Instead, the writers just had Walt give up his game of deception. Mabe I was just disappointed the series had to end, because it was such a good story. It made sense that Walt came back to avenge the death of his brother-in-law, but the whole final showdown with the M60 machine gun in the truck of the car was just a little far-fetched for me. And not nearly as elegant as the scheme Gus Fring used to poison the cartel thugs. So I felt kind of let down after it was all over. "
Posted by gbard1 on the Breaking Bad topic.
The irony of Michael Barrymore advising others in how to avoid getting into a hotspot. Brilliant. "
Posted by Rams on the Strike it Lucky topic.
Not Going to Recommend That Anyone Watches This. Stick to the stand up Lee you can just about pull that off. Im amazed this keeps getting renewed for yet another series. Although i actually thought that way back at the end of series 1. "
Posted by Rams on the Not Going Out topic.
It cracks me up when he sitting in the car watching whats going on in the club on the secret cameras. And all of a sudden without fail (this happens every episode for the last 3 seasons) he sees something that enrages him so much that he has to storm into the bar and put a stop to it immediately :D Its usually along the lines of 'Whaaaaat is this guy crazy?? Hes letting people drink in his bar with flies in their drinks!!!!! IVE GOTTA PUT A STOP TO THIS!!!!' :D :D "
Posted by andy on the Bar Rescue topic.
Still funny and i would happily watch repeats if nothing else was on. But..... clearly Karl is now aware of how his views and quirky mannerisms come across to others. Im not saying he plays up to the camera as such but he has to be more self aware of what hes doing now. The xfam radio show and podcasts on which he found fame were a long time ago. Back then he was an innocent buffoon. Now hes a celebrity its hard for me to accept that hes the same simple guy oblivious to everything around him. "
Posted by andy on the An Idiot Abroad topic.
Not Going to Laugh. "
Posted by andy on the Not Going Out topic.
In my opinion you cant compare the ones wes craven directed with the rest of the series, he has an amazing way of telling a story "
Posted by V.Michelle on the Nightmare on Elm Street topic.
@KaCK, thats why horror is such a popular genre, people sympathize and identify with the monster/villain/antagonist. Like in the original Frankenstein when Karloff drowns the girl, you cant help but sympathize not only for the girl but for the monster. "
Posted by V.Michelle on the Nightmare on Elm Street topic.
Great legs. Little shorts. Killer moustache. Sports car. A combination which we will never see again in an action packed detective show. I miss the 80s. "
Posted by manga on the Magnum, P.I topic.
If you like seeing artists at work then you have to ignore the manufactured reality tv arguing. The set up of 'rivals' works for me. Two tattoo artists do their own interpretation of the same design/idea and we all get to see how they differ. Why wouldnt anyone want to watch that? "
Posted by manga on the Ink Master topic.
I noticed the ‘You lost a competition but you gained a brother' line too and i completely agree with what aliza says. The Rivals has been shitty from the start. Even he panto villains are now so over the top its tragic. The standard of tattooing is way below previous seasons too. The only thing bigger and badder about Ink Master in this season is the size of Dave Navaro's man boobs. "
Posted by andy on the Ink Master topic.
'You lost a competition but you gained a brother'. This predictable cliche line from Nunez sums up the depths that Ink Master has now sunk too. "
Posted by aliza on the Ink Master topic.
Its still capable of delivering some really great moments of tension and action. Im willing to put up with some lack lustre episodes in order to get some excellent ones. Im sticking with it. "
Posted by aliza on the Walking Dead, The topic.
Watching it on telly right now. Cheryl in fear of her life from the booing crowd behind her is now my favourite X Factor moment ever. It is worth watching after all. "
Posted by Rose92 on the The X factor topic.
I remember Daryl opening the door aswell. One of many stupid moments in TWD. Daryl is dumb, Michone is gentle. Everyone is changing especially Karl who went from being a scared kid to going through puberty and turning into a fearless killing machine in a matter of months. If he continues to age like this he will die of old age before any zombie gets to him. "
Posted by Rose92 on the Walking Dead, The topic.
In this universe all the armed forces, politicians, scientists, police officers, family units, have turned to zombies except for Rick and crew and a few other psychopaths. Sometimes this show is so boring that I fast forward my DVR until I see some action which usually happens in the last 3 minutes of the episode. WD will eventually jump the shark when there's a love triangle bw Daryl, Carol and Beth. "
Posted by dbryan on the Walking Dead, The topic.
The New Beginning didnt even feature Michael Landon anymore. If there isnt tears from Pa Ingle then its not LHOTP. "
Posted by stillsmiling on the Little House on the Prairie topic.
Unwatchable vanity project from Noel Fielding. Second series was worse than the first and the first was the worst thing i had ever seen on television apart from news reports showing genocide, terrorism and famine. Its very very close though. "
Posted by stillsmiling on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
Its run its course. The new Dragons didnt inject anything new and with Duncan now leaving its all over surely? "
Posted by stillsmiling on the Dragon’s Den topic.
'The Rivals' really is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Complete reality tv ratings grabbing stunt like all the other drama filled reality tv shows out there. Its a tattoo competition not fucking Pop Stars: The Rivals !!! Not sure if i'll keep watching or not. Still respect all the guys talent and some of the ink is great but as soon as it moves up stairs to the couches the whole show turns to shit. "
Posted by stillsmiling on the Ink Master topic.
Sooooooo much time dedicated to Cheryl. Ive barely heard Mel B utter more than afew sentences since she joined. Why do i put myself through this even though i hate it so much?? Every year for the last ten years. FML. "
Posted by stillsmiling on the The X factor topic.
Better now the worlds most boring man Gary Barlow has left. Gary, its The X Factor! Not a credible talent show. We want the freaks to entertain us for a few weeks and it looks like they are back in droves. Good riddence Barlow and welcome back Simon Cowell. Mel B ? Useless as expected but irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things. "
Posted by 7041 on the The X factor topic.
They are all complete assholes. Except the little guy who looks like hes from that movie Deliverance and chews the little mouth pick. He seems quite mellow. "
Posted by 7041 on the Ink Master topic.
Major shark jumperage going on here. Why cant the contestants just get on with doing tattoos ? Whats with all the mad up bullshit drama now? Its the same as every other reality tv show now. I know there has been confrontation from the start and arguments but fuck man its all so scripted now, what next ? Have them eating witchety grubs while tattooing? Live evictions mid tattoo? Just let them show there work, these guys are supposed to be artists not reality tv cannon fodder. "
Posted by Ailsa on the Ink Master topic.
IMO, they jumped the shark in season 4, episode 2, "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification." This us the episode where Sheldon decides he wants to live as a virtual presence device. Immense amounts of stupid, ridiculous jokes. (Poor Woz.) The writers must have left the writing of this episode to a bunch of 13 year olds. Or they just got stuck and smoked a whole bunch of pot. Coz that's how it plays. "
Posted by pookerella on the Big Bang Theory, The topic.
This years new annoying catchphrase? Cowell's "If I'm being honest with you", swiftly followed by an undeserved gush of fulsome praise or an as undeserved cruel - and, presumably, pre-prepared - put-down. And Simon, if you WERE just being honest, what you would say is: "If I'm honest, if we put you through, you're looking at a horrific future time. A mixture of your understandable nerves and our malicious editing will ensure that I can choose to make you look like a complete idiot in the episode we end up broadcasting. In Boot Camp, you'll make "friends" with people who, like you, have their heart set on winning, and will stab you in the back without a moments hesitation if offered the prospect of moving through to the next stage. Assuming you make it through to the final live shows, you'll be tabloid fodders before you know it. Passably good looking? Then you'll be dubbed a fake. Less than an Adonis? Then there'll be sneers that you think that you - YOU - could be a pop star. Win? The ultimate poisoned chalice. Having been fast-tracked to "stardom", you'll also be deprived of any artistic credibility. Although you'll almost certainly be Xmas Number One, the best you can realistically hope for after that is three to four years of moderate success; the only highlight to your career appearing on NEXT years X-Factor to promote your new single, and having to smile with a fixed grin as you realise your star is already being eclipsed by a new generation". IF you were being honest, Simon - that's what you'd say. "
Posted by stebsb on the The X factor topic.
It WAS all that bad from the beginning. Gayer than Elton John sucking on a cock flavoured lollypop. "
Posted by LemonHead on the Glee topic.
Wasnt all that bad in the beginning. Yes, i know its a teen drama with a sing song twist and its easy to slag it off. But it was fun atleast for a while. Once it became spot the celebrity every episode the show became tedious and annoying. It all seemed to go pear shaped realy quickly and the novelty of the glee club kids wore off. "
Posted by Konker on the Glee topic.
No show can recover from the dreaded musical episode. "
Posted by Konker on the Grey’s Anatomy topic.
Why aren't there more voting options? This one definitely jumped when George and Izzie got together. It was, what, the fourth pairing in george's plot line and at least Izzie's third, and definitely when I got a feeling that they just wanted everybody to get with everybody. I recently started watching this show again and in season 4, quickly remembered why I stopped. "
Posted by spacefem on the Grey’s Anatomy topic.
Cant argue with anyones comments here. Such a bad show! Probably the worst comedy in recent years. Infact its not even like watching comedy. The range of emotions i feel watching this can be hard to explain. But joy, laughter and fun arent among them. More like, despair, anger and sorrow. Similar to watching a War Correspondant deliver an horrific report on the news. "
Posted by GoodnessGracious on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
Interesting you use a twilight comparison in your comment Aaron. I always laughed to myself when my friends described this as 'twilight for adults' :D yea right!! It was shit from the start and not alot changed. So maybe it was a little bit like twilight after all!! :D I gave up during season 5 when the rot really set in. At this point i was more than happy to be an outcast among my friends for daring to turn my back on TB as they still loved it. Turns out when i finally told them my feeling everyone else agreed with me. Read the books they are realy good, forget the tv show. "
Posted by GoodnessGracious on the True Blood topic.
Eric went soft! He bacame a far cry from the mean vampire of old. He turned all Robert Pattinson on us with feelings and sad looks to everyone. Like a hormonal Twilight school kid vampire. "
Posted by Aaron on the True Blood topic.
Worst finale ever in the history of tv finales. Sucked!! "
Posted by Sheozum on the True Blood topic.
If there was ever a character with multipul personality disorder it was He-Man. One moment he was the all powerful He-Man Master of the Universe beating up bad guys here there and everywhere, a giant fearsome cat to ride around on, and Teela to use and abuse as he felt like. The next thing he would be cruising around the gay hot spots of Eternia with Man at Arms (he has a moustache = gay) in a pink waistcoat and purple trousers with an equally gay cat beside him. Mixed messages for sure. Atleast if kids were caught dressing up in their sisters clothes they could pretend they were playing at He-Man. 'No mum im not He-Man yet, im still Adam. Now pass me the tights and some eye shadow' Still loved the show though!!! But there are questions i have now. "
Posted by Kerrrplunk on the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe topic.