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Even the best TV shows run their course after a while, the greatest movies jumpedsharkdo one sequel too many, or celebrities choose yet another disasterous career move . Almost all of us have gradually realised at some point that the TV series we had to watch has now become the one we barely notice, and tried to pin-point the reason for things taking a turn for the worse. This website celebrates these moments. TV shows, movies and random topics for you to comment on with user friendly A-Z forums .

Got something to say about last nights episode of a TV Show? Driven mad by the ludicrous ending of a Movie? Want to discuss any Other Topics that drive you mad on a daily basis? Then look no further. Jumped The Shark is a community dedicated to telling it like it is.

There are no 5 star reviews here just brutal honesty with a heavy dose of sarcasm thrown in. 

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She over did the plastic surgery and ended up looking like Jack Nicholson when he played The Joker in Batman. The kids arent crying because they are emotional wrecks. They are scared of your frozen clown face. Was like watching Pennywise the clown trying to do child psychology. "
Posted by leone on the Sally ( The Sally Jessy Raphael Show ) topic.
Noel runs his own coffee shop on the enge of an active volcano in hawaii. This is the premise for the first show of the second series!!! The entertainment bar has never been set lower. Utter bullshit. "
Posted by leone on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
Not sure where it stands in a greatest tv shows list but it would be somewhere near the top. Fantastic piece of tv, great acting, great drama and i loved the ending. I cant realy find any flaws. "
Posted by Hipwayday on the Breaking Bad topic.
Whenever she used little rhymes as the show's title. 'Dump That Zero Get With the Hero', 'I Was Trashy Now I'm Classy' and all that shit. The trashy themed shows were on every other day. Ricki seemed oblivious to the fact her guests were trashy on the inside too and there aint no makeover fixing that mess. "
Posted by Hipwayday on the Ricki Lake Show, The topic.
Amazing on a number of levels. Amazing that Noel Fielding has the balls to think the public want to see another series of this. Amazing that Ch4 even gave him a second series. Amazing that it seems to make fuck all sense whats going on and amazing that it has done the impossible, by being even worse that the first series. "
Posted by Hipwayday on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
Just saw the trailer for the new series. Thats right folks this has got a new series. In times of hardship and austerity its good to know that this comedy gem will be on again to lighten the mood. I predict a big increase in suicide rates up and down the country. "
Posted by Angela on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
Nothing wrong with Jim. He 'fixed it' for me to milk a cow blindfolded in the basement of his country house..... "
Posted by Angela on the Jim’ll Fix It topic.
Its got a lot better again. Now i watch it and remember the funny bits rather than the bits that were shit. Or not shit, just not as good as before. I thought that it might be headed in a Simpsons direction ie complete shark jump. But, it hasnt and its back on top after a small skip over a goldfish. "
Posted by Angela on the Family Guy topic.
@Brian1, Yeah but Woody seemed genuinely a bumbler and didnt get old like Charlie or Allen on two and a half men. It was sad that Nick had health issues and died making a replacement necessary. One of my favorite Woody scenes was when he was singing a song to swoon Kelly... Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,..... "
Posted by signrat on the Cheers topic.
Never jumped but its very repetitive. Anything from Conway Twitty to chicken fights now bore me to death. Remember those old singing and dancing piano playing guys too? They were shit. Still the best cartoon on telly and i havent noticed any of these scenes for a long time now which is great. "
Posted by TriciaInnes on the Family Guy topic.
The dumb contestants made the show. Richard Obrien was better than Ed but it didnt really matter. "
Posted by TriciaInnes on the Crystal Maze, The topic.
When The Hoff managed to lasso and escaped bull and saved the damsel in distress on the beach. The damsel was infact attending a High School Reunion that night. The very same one The Hoff was attending. Where did the bull come from? I cant remember and even if i did it wouldnt make this story any more plausible. "
Posted by TriciaInnes on the Baywatch topic.
Should have ended with Jessica being the murderer! And it's called MURDER, (COMMA) SHE WROTE. Not MURDERSHEWROTE! "
Posted by Steinman on the Murder, She Wrote topic.
Where quality actors went to die & it was so obvious that doubles were being used in many scenes. "
Posted by Steinman on the Last of the Summer Wine topic.
Dear Jim Please fix it for me to get away with naughties. Love Rolf "
Posted by Steinman on the Jim’ll Fix It topic.
When the kids got older it went all 'family life' instead of RAW POWER! Tool Time was the show, not how to be a parent. "
Posted by Steinman on the Home Improvement topic.
Mrs McClusky made me scared! When she left it was just rubbish soap opera type drama "
Posted by Steinman on the Grange Hill topic.
You mean there was like 5 seasons!!! After season 3 it got so Blake 7'y that i just gave up! "
Posted by Steinman on the Earth: Final Conflict topic.
When Bradley raccoon came along (I think he was a cousin or something) it lost its edge a bit, but I just love the 3 pigs & Cyril sneer! "
Posted by Steinman on the Raccoons, The topic.
The more I watch the Tudor-Pole episodes the more I like them for what they are. He's not O'Brien but he's his own style - like talking to Barbara. Did prefer O'Brien & Mumsie/Auntie Sabrina but the more I watch Ed's (in isolation) the nearer to 50-50 it becomes for me. "
Posted by Steinman on the Crystal Maze, The topic.
Meant to be 4 nerds/geeks/losers who know nothing about girls trying to get laid/relationships/love etc. Now, as I write all but Raj have someone & the comic book store guy is upgraded in the cast list. Whilst some girlfriend episodes are funny, the series isn't as good as it was, but getting nr to Shark time! "
Posted by Steinman on the Big Bang Theory, The topic.
Game is now dragged out for about an hour. You could open all the boxes in about 20 mins tops! Cut the crap & play the game! "
Posted by Steinman on the Deal or No Deal ( uk ) topic.
Wouldn't say it's jumped, but now the animations are digital instead of actual drawing it's somehow lost it's visual appeal. Too much Conway, too much chicken fight, too much paedo stuff, but otherwise funny, but not quite as funny as it was. We need quality not quantity Seth. "
Posted by Steinman on the Family Guy topic.
Has to be with the birth of the big baby! Just wasn't funny after that. Mindy was my masturbatory fantasy lady! MMMMM! So young, so American & so nice! "
Posted by Steinman on the Mork & Mindy topic.
i think that icarly jumped the shark in the episode iOMG "
Posted by jgga on the iCarly topic.
Why would Jessie's father let the local horny boy climb in through his daughters bedroom window whenever he felt like it? Zack would sleaze over any of the Bayside girls without a second thought. Mr Spano shouldve put bars on the windows to keep him away. And another thing, did AC Slater know his buddy was creeping around in his chicks bedroom in the evenings? I very much doubt it. "
Posted by JamesD on the Saved by the Bell topic.
Jumped when Ritchie got pissed on two cans of lager, grew a moustache, started showing some attitude and dared to punch The Fonz. "
Posted by JamesD on the Happy Days topic.
Still a while before it all kicks off for 2014 and its made front page news! Some bullshit about Cheryle coming back again. Important news of the day a judge from a talent show is coming back on a talent show she used to be a judge on. Its just all about the judges anything else is BS. And anyone who thinks this crap is still about talent needs to wise up. "
Posted by JamesD on the The X factor topic.
'Im only being honest.......did you sleep with someone else while you were still together? Fact.' "
Posted by JamesD on the Jeremy Kyle Show, The topic.
All JK`s phrases in one rap... http://youtu.be/dAJy1077mvc "
Posted by stupot on the Jeremy Kyle Show, The topic.
Noel was definitely at his most smug during this phase of his life. It was impossible for him to hide how pleased he was with himself every Saturday night. But it had to end sometime Noel and i remember your sad depressed face as you said your goodbyes to us on the final episode. Thats the great lasting memory of House Party for me. I will always thank you for that. "
Posted by Albertina on the Noel’s House Party topic.
Britain hasnt got any talent. But it seems like afew Europeans have. Those Europeans coming over here stealing our talent show places and making shadows to music. This countries gone to the dogs. :) "
Posted by Albertina on the Britain’s Got Talent topic.
If Little Mix were in the finale of BTG, why wasn't Tulisa performing too, instead of Cheryl Cole (who I understand gave another stunning live performance)? OOOOOOOOOOOOH yeah, that's right. "
Posted by stebsb on the Britain’s Got Talent topic.
Be stupid get on telly. And if you have an orange tan and a willingness to get yourt tits out then even better. "
Posted by 0C4G on the Take Me Out topic.
It was shite from the get go. Blobby's arrival and take over just heeped even more shite ontop of it. And the guests were shite too. Ding Dong!!! 'Oh who can that be at the door? Oh.......... its Chris fucking Akabusi !! "
Posted by 0C4G on the Noel’s House Party topic.
'They reckon you've got concussion – but personally, I couldn't give a tart's furry cup if half your brains are falling out. Don't ever waltz into my kingdom playing king of the jungle.' :D "
Posted by Ludovica on the Life on Mars ( uk ) topic.
Before the rise of blobby House Party was a great bit of saturday night entertainment. The Gotchas and Wait till i Get You Home were two highlights for me. Although The Gotchas became a blobby thing too didnt they? Noel didnt seem to realise there was fuck all funny about blobby. NOTHING!! Its like seeing your football teams mascot dancing on the touch line as you are losing 3-0 to your rivals. You just want to scream 'FUCK OFFFF' at the buffoon in the costume. Blobby ruined it. Correction: Noels Blobby Obsession ruined it. "
Posted by Ludovica on the Noel’s House Party topic.
Should Noel Fielding get a second series of this? Or should we all chip in together to get him the help he so desperately needs instead? This wasnt a comedy sketch show it was actually a cry for help from a man with serious mental health issues. I wish you all the best Noel i really do :( "
Posted by Ludovica on the Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy topic.
Its harmless fun is all. Let the chicks get dolled up in fake tan and short skirts. Getting picked for a date with a stranger on a dating show is their one chance to achieve something. Ten years down the line they will be using this as a means to skip the queue in night clubs 'Dont you know who i am???. I went to Fernando's 15 years ago on Take me Out you know' "
Posted by Ludovica on the Take Me Out topic.
In KK2, Danny boy's getting the snot kicked out of him. Miyagi starts twirling that drum thing, and Danielle works out how to beat Chozen. In KK3, Larusso is repeatedly humiliated throughout the film, and throughout most of the final tournament, until he follows Miyagi's advice to let his best karate out and performs the kata to win by throwing Barnes. WTF is Miyagi playing at? He's quite happy to let his protégé be beaten almost to death in Okinawa, or be kicked in the nads in full view of the tournament crowd, only offering a cryptic comment that Daniel's got to work out to achieve final victory. In his moment of need, your pupil needs clear guidance, not brain-teasing puzzles, Miyagi-San. What a shit mentor Miyagi was. "
Posted by stebsb on the Karate Kid ( original film series ) topic.