Dawsons Creek

The series follows four friends —Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Jen Lindley, and Pacey Witter—living in a small fictional seaside town called Capeside, Massachusetts who were in the early part of their sophomore and first year of high school when the series began. The lead character, Dawson Leery, mirrors creator Kevin Williamson’s interests and background.  While never a huge ratings success among the general television population, Dawson’s Creek did very well with the younger demographic it targeted and became a defining show for the WB Network. (The first season’s highest ranked episode was the finale, which was fifty-ninth, while the second highest rated was the second episode, probably scoring so well partially because the other major networks carried President Clinton’s State of the Union address in the midst of the Lewinsky scandal rather than their regular programming.)

The show was especially popular in Australia, where it rated #1 in its timeslot for every episode covering seasons one to four. Both of its soundtrack albums, Songs From Dawson’s Creek (1999) and Songs From Dawson’s Creek — Volume 2 (2001), reached #1 on the Australian Album Chart and were certified Platinum

When did Dawsons Creek Jump the Shark ?

  • Jumped from the start (21 votes)
  • The dialogue (13 votes)
  • Joey complains about everything (9 votes)
  • Joey and Pacey get together (8 votes)
  • Dawson and Joey break up ......again (5 votes)
  • Never Jumped. Still great (4 votes)
  • They move to Boston (3 votes)
  • Joey and Pacey go sailing (3 votes)

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  1. Joey was the reason this show jumped. She was nothing more than a self-righteous and everything is all about me. Especially in the episode where she got mugged. Who the hell talks to a mugger like that. I agree Joey had awful facial expressions and couldn’t smile to save her life.

  2. Dawsons Creek got weirder and weirder when Joey’s wonky mouth and eyes made it look like she had an overdose of electro shock therapy. She lost more and more control of her face as the series went on.

  3. Jumped from the start. As soon as the first non problem happened that Dawson and his well off white middle class friends had to struggle with, it was game over for me.

  4. Jumped from the start. I hate this show in so many ways. Dawsons dad dying in the car crash was the only time it was ok for him to openly cry. The other 50+ times he blubbered over an argument with Joey, or falling out with Pacey again or losing his Jurrasic Park video wasnt ok.

  5. When Jack ‘comes out’ as Gay. As if there wasnt enough going on in Capeside now we have a homosexual teen to deal with. I get the impression the writers were running out of things that could happen to the teenagers in this small boring town so thought ‘lets bring in the gay guy now’. To top it all off he becomes the partner of Pacey’s policeman brother :D and they both adopt Jens baby :D lmao. Lovely.

  6. Once the permanently depressed Andi arrived in Capeside. Like we didnt have enough doom and gloom already without her arrival. Andi even made Joey seem like the life and soul of the party.

  7. The first minute of the first episode – pathetic dumb show.

  8. It was a perfect ending. Joey chose the village idiot Pacey over the succesfull guy Dawson, now working in the movie industry. No amount of fame and fortune can stand in the way of true love you say?? No, not at all! Its just that Joey would rather live a simple life with a simple guy who earns kitchen porters wages than spend another moment listening to Dawson endlessly ponder life and Steven Spielberg movies. We will never really know for sure but we all suspect that Dawson ends up alone for the rest of life. Perfect :)

  9. This is the man the girls of Capeside want to date?

  10. Boston. With Joey trying to be sexy singing in the bar.

  11. Way back when Pacey tells his hot teacher ” I’m the best sex you never had ” :D :D Still makes me laugh. That’s only one instance that i remember of the quality dialogue from Dawsons Creek.

  12. I think a great final episode would’ve been for Dawson and Joey to end up together in a loveless relationship. Joey thinking about Pacey and Dawson crying uncontrolably as they make meaningless love. Both knowing that all the bullshit drama they went through in the past meant nothing and they are now stuck with each other forever. Pacey on the other hand would have a thriving business, lots of money and all manner of women to choose from. :)

    I would be happy to go through it all again to see that ending.

  13. Watched the entire season…wasn’t crazy about the move to Boston. What really irritated me though, was the finale. The whole “who will joey choose, dawson or pacey?” i still think the absolute best ending would have been joey walking in to her home, seeing pacey and kissing him, then dawson walks in, kisses them both and the audience sees that they decided to just have one constant threesome for the rest of their lives. Perfect ending.

  14. Listening to Joey whine and moan all the time in the beginning was bad enough. But when she got with Pacey it got even worse!! Pacey started moaning all the time too. That was the effect this girl had on people. They were like an old married couple not a couple of teenagers who shouldve been having fun and enjoying life.

  15. The moment Dawson and Joey got together it was over. The reason why I watched was to see how they would react to each other’s lives. But as boyfriend girlfriend it wasn’t hot anymore.

  16. Jumped from the start. For the bizarro dialogue these ‘normal’ teenagers used in their every day lifes and for the constant look of dispair on the face of our ever worried long headed hero Dawson. A look he used in nearly every episode.

  17. Soon as Dawson & Joey got together then broke up soon after. This started the on/off love drama which continued throughout the series.

  18. The dialogue. And Joey needs to appreciate the fact that two guys like her. Stop complaining about it, its quite a privilaged problem.

  19. When Joey became the main focus of the show after they all moved to Boston. Making everything revolve around her was too much to take. The scene where she sang kareoke in the bar was supposed to make us feel like she had grown up and came out her shell i think. All it did was display that she sounded like a 10 yr old girl when singing. Bizarre.

  20. Pacey breaking up with Joey at the Prom because he didnt want to be her pet project or something like that :D The most soap opera like over the top moment in this teen drama. Delivered with the type of intense lengthy dialogue that any normal teenager would use ofcourse ;) :D :D

  21. Remember when Joey and Pacey just decided to go sailing at the end of the Summer? I had almost forgotten this. Two High School kids are allowed to go away together to sail the high seas?? Did they even have any money?? Joey turned up without a change of clothes never mind clean underwear. yuk.

    No way if i was that age would my parent or gaurdian let me go sailing alone with a randy schoolboy. But for sweet innocent Joey no problem :|

  22. Never jumped. The best teen drama ever!! The best show to watch on a Sunday morning tucked up in bed.

  23. No one would fancy either Dawson or Joey in real life. Their horrid self obsessed personalities would make any kind of relationship impossible with any normal person. Im guessing this is why they were attracted to each as no one else cared for their drama.

  24. The dialogue. No one speaks like that. No wonder none of the other kids in school hung about with them.

  25. They make Jack gay. The only one of the cast that i had a crush on and they pair him up with Paceys in the closet Policeman older brother. Wonderfull.

    Just exatly how old was Paceys brother supposed to be anyway?? When the kids were in High School he looked about mid 30s yet afew years later everyone is encouraging him to get with Jack who was obviously alot younger than him. Weird.

  26. High School isnt that hard Dawson, just a little inconvenient at times. Just do your homework, study a bit and get laid more, easy. Maybe the pressure of low budget horror film making was to much for him?

  27. If it wasnt for the dialogue in Dawsons Creek i wouldnt realy have a problem with it. Im willing to forgive it for anything else but this.

  28. Never jumped, I loved Dawsons Creek it was my favourite show. I wanted to live in Capeside and speak like they did. I didnt ever want to date Dawson though. That would be crazy.

  29. Dawson ignores the hot chick on his bed and drools over the CGI techniques Steven Spielberg has used in his latest movie instead. We all like dinosaurs mate. Just not that much. Priorities :)

  30. Joey and Dawson break up all the time over stupid high school drama. Then Joey and Pacey break up all the time over some more stupid high school drama. Theres a pattern here with Joeys relationships. Shes needy and insecure. Plenty more fish in the sea boys.

  31. First episode jumper. Even before they opened their mouths to drown us in a babble of over long words. It was clear by the troubled look on Dawsons face that watching this would be hard work. Things didnt get any better.

  32. Never jumped. Fantastic kids drama even if they did sound like they had swallowed a dictionary.

  33. Shouldve been called Paceys Puddle. He was the best character afterall.

  34. Dawson and Joey broke up all the time, argue for afew episodes then share in a passionate kiss in the rain as Sarah McLachlan sings a gentle ballad in the background. You just know that Dawson was thinking about E.T.

  35. Grrr the way these kids spoke. What the hells was going on in Capeside? Anyone that moved there would be infected with ‘overlong unnecessarily dramatic sentence syndrome’. It spread throughout the school quickly. Seems no one was safe.

  36. A dodgy show made worse with the move to College in Boston. Joeys friends reaction as she sang kareoke in the bar was as if she had done the craziest thing ever. Still makes me cringe to this day. The Boston series also introduced us to that blonde chick with the massive chin that dated Pacey. Unforgivable.

  37. Dawson and joey break up again. fs No idea what Joey was attracted too in Dawson in the first place. He had everything handed to him on a plate and still chose to cry about stupid shit in every episode. Im all for men being comfortable showing their feelings but c’mon. Pacey was the true hero of the show.

  38. Moving to Boston realy dunked Dawsons Creek head first into the shark pool.

  39. Yes i think they were about 45 years old in realy life. This explains why Joeys saggy breasts drooped down to her stomach even though she was supposedly a teenager. Hated the show from day 1.

  40. First episode. James Van Der Beek who played Dawson was like 45 playing a teenager. He had crows feet at the side of his eyes and a pale grey quality to his skin that only middle aged people that are fed up with life get.

  41. Jumped First episode. I still watched it till the end though :|

  42. The never ending squabble between Pacey and Dawson over the affections of Joey. Who apparently is the only girl around to fall for. When watching this i saw loads of hot chicks in the background while i ignored Dawsons angst. And lets not forget Pacey was banging that milf teacher. He goes from that to Joey :|

  43. Kids dont talk like this. Its not big and its not clever.

  44. Didnt Dawson and Joey always make up or break up in the cliff hanger ending of the first few seasons?? One minute they are fighting and next they share a tender kiss by the monlight. Next season start with those two discussing the finer points of Jurassic Park in Dawsons bedroom before arguing and splitting up again. Lying on his bed with his girlfriend next to him and Dawsons wants to talk dinosaurs. :| fs

  45. Never jumped. Loved the show. Tears of sadness when Jen died. Tears of happyness that Joey chose the slightly less wimpy Pacey over the weeping bitch that was Dawson.

  46. All the characters were drama queens. Not interested in anything other than their teenage non problems. Leader of the pack has to be Dawson. What a wanker.

  47. Oh? Im the only one who voted never jumped?? This show was great! Perfect Sunday morning tv. It maybe did over do it on the big words and epic sentences but i loved it :)

  48. I’m in two minds about Dawsons Creek. The way they spoke was pretty funny. The drama was wayyy over the top. Joey realy was a whining, never happy melodramatic cock blocker. I found it strange that so many girls lusted after Dawson in the first place. I always just thought of him as the depressed movie geek with Jurassic Park posters on his wall and a forehead that suggests there may be slight dwarfism somewhere in the family.

    And yet i still watched it. Kinda found it slightly addictive too. Perfect Sunday morning lazy tv here in the UK.

  49. The vocabulary these kids used made this show one of the funniest on television. Forget about the poignant storylines and tackling relevant issues. It cracked me up every episode.

  50. Agree that Joey was the worst thing about Dawsons Creek. Quite an achievement in itself realy. I suggest a course of anti-depressants and extensive counciling to get over her many issues.

  51. Joey the most irritating female character ever. Shes obsessed by herself and her little drama.

    Dawson let her and Joey be together. Save yourself.

  52. Terrible from the start.

    I agree all characters were self absorbed. Very hard to feel empathy for any of them.

  53. They were all absorbed in their pathetic little drama. Pacey was as much of a drama queen as the rest of them. Joey and Pacey belong together. Leave Dawson alone to make movies and ignore sexual advances from females.

  54. Lot of guys on here seem to have watched alot of this show :| Surely this for teenage girls only ??

  55. Joey was probably the worst thing about this show. But ignore Joey and even Dawson and their pathetic angst for a moment. Pacey is getting let off way to lightly here!!

    He pissed and moaned more than anyone throughout the show. There was always some drama going on because of his slacker attitude. Everyone was to blame for Paceys dismal failings in life except him.

    In Paceys mind he was always the victim and yet he ends up with the girl :| What a tit.

  56. 1.) The dialogue was hilarious.

    2.) The size of Dawsons head was comical and im sure it grew each series as his angst did.

    3.) Dawson would rather watch Citizen Kane and stare lovingly at his Jurassic Park posters than get with some hot chicks ? Yeah, nice one Dawson :|

    4.) Joey Potter was simply a pathetic fun sponge who got increasingly annoying as the show went on. Probably the most annoying thing about the show.

  57. Yea Joey and Pacey getting together realy pissed me off.

    I thought Dawson and Joey were so terribly self obsessed that they deserved each other. Poor Pacey ending up with Joey!?!?

    I bet that relationship hit the skids pretty quickly.

    Pacey shouldve left, went travelling and got his own spin of show.

  58. I agree that the show shouldve centered around Pacey. Dawson was a whinging little shit who would happily moan about anything. Pacey was the real hero.

    They way they spoke sometimes was hilarious though. Especialy Andi ( who along with Joey was also a girl with a guys name ). No wonder Dawson didnt have more sex its all very confusing for a young man.

    The show was perfect Sunday morning hangover tv for me.

  59. Dawson must be old enough to try out for Last of the Summers Wine by now?

  60. Didn’t he whine and moan and NOT respond to the advances of the gorgeous Brittany Daniel?
    Brittany bloody Daniel? I’d go for her over Katie “honest, I didn’t have a stroke when I was 15 it’s just my wonky, inexpressive face” Holmes.

  61. It was the dialogue. Teenagers just dont talk like that.

    You could ask Joey Potter something simple like the time of day and expect a 30 minute Shakespearian like monologue back at you.

    Constantly angered me. And Dawson ? Geez. Surely Pacey was a more fitting hero than that pathetic tefal headed angst ridden fool.

  62. Complete gaylord.

    Any normal guy would’ve used all that geeky expensive video camera crap and filmed Joey as they took advantage of her.

    Now thats a hobby Dawson. Forget Spielberg think more Ben Dover.

  63. Did any girls fancy Dawson ?? I would be interested to know.

    I never did. Look at his forehead for god sake ! This isnt the reason the show jumped yet a source of constant annoyance.

    Oh and pacey’s brother is a macho cop who happens to be gay !!! Shock Horror yawwwwn

    Kim21 wrote: Look at his forehead for god sake ! This isnt the reason the show jumped yet a source of constant annoyance.

    Conspiracy theory – take the name “Dawson”. Change it slightly to “Danson”.

    AKA Ted Danson, the mighty-browed Sam of “Cheers” (well, probably other stuff too, but let’s be honest, no-one else knows about it).

    Two Neanderthal browed men with such similar names – coincidence? I think not.

  64. Joey was a whiney Cock Blocker throughout this show. And Dawson!!! WTF is up with him. Hes got in on a plate from his hot neighbour and he says no !!! Gaylord

  65. This show didnt jump , it leapt face first into the shark pool to be savaged then swam out half dead to linger on for 6 long seasons