Family Guy

Family Guy is an American animated television series created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Griffins, a dysfunctional family consisting of parents Peter and Lois; their children Meg, Chris, and Stewie; and their anthropomorphic pet dog Brian. The show is set in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island, and bases much of its humor on parodying American pop culture.

Family Guy has been nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and 11 Annie Awards, and has won three of each. It has garnered three Golden Reel Award nominations, winning once. In 2009, it was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, the first time an animated series was nominated for the award since The Flintstones in 1961. Family Guy has also received criticism, including unfavorable comparisons for its similarities to The Simpsons.

When did Family Guy Jump the Shark ?

  • Never jumped. Still great (22 votes)
  • Jumped from the start (8 votes)
  • The cut scenes become too bizarre (7 votes)
  • Brian dies (5 votes)
  • Conway Twitty (4 votes)
  • Season 10 (4 votes)
  • Signing/Dancing (4 votes)
  • Jumped back.. (3 votes)
  • Brian eats Stewie's poop (3 votes)
  • Peter fights the chicken (2 votes)
  • Some scenes go on too long (1 votes)
  • Quagmire hates Brian (1 votes)

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  1. New reason: Quagmire hates Brian
    Quagmire was funny as a complete sex-maniac and misogynist, but suddenly he hates Brian and becomes all high and mighty about it. This was clearly because people were saying the show was “too liberal,” and this pandering is definitely pandering to that audience, while insulting the loyal viewers; it happens all the time. The same thing happened when Brian was on the Bill Maher show, and they all insulted his liberal ideas.
    Definite shark-jump

  2. Its got a lot better again. Now i watch it and remember the funny bits rather than the bits that were shit. Or not shit, just not as good as before. I thought that it might be headed in a Simpsons direction ie complete shark jump. But, it hasnt and its back on top after a small skip over a goldfish.

  3. Never jumped but its very repetitive. Anything from Conway Twitty to chicken fights now bore me to death. Remember those old singing and dancing piano playing guys too? They were shit.

    Still the best cartoon on telly and i havent noticed any of these scenes for a long time now which is great.

  4. Wouldn’t say it’s jumped, but now the animations are digital instead of actual drawing it’s somehow lost it’s visual appeal. Too much Conway, too much chicken fight, too much paedo stuff, but otherwise funny, but not quite as funny as it was. We need quality not quantity Seth.

  5. I love this show, its not as funny as it use to be but still my guilty pleasure.

  6. episode 150, when brian eats stewie’s poop…

    @big ragu,

    Agreed. The worst scene in FG history is Brian the dog more or less rimming a baby. And the baby loving it. Im no prude but thats just wrong in every way.

  7. Still the best / funniest cartoon on at the moment. Its a little bit hit or miss sometimes though and way off its peak from afew years ago. Theres only one or two laugh out loud moments in an episode where as before there were several.

  8. A sad ratings grabbing stunt from the Family Guy team. We all know Brian will come back but will the viewers?

  9. I can’t believe they killed Brian!!! Bringing him back to life would be a double edged sword at best. It will be like when Dallas brought Bobby back to life*. It just won’t work!

    Remember the Family Guy episode when Quagmire murdered the Simpsons? It was a statement of intent; we’re the new comedy in town and you the Simpsons should have called it a day a long time ago. I read recently that there will be a Simpson/Family Guy episode…what does that say?

    *Ok it will be nothing like Dallas but the point is it’s a sign the show has run out of ideas.

  10. WTF is up with Brian dying? He’s either going to stay dead, or return in a really contrived way – and whichever it is, there’s a shark swimming in the ocean that’s going to be leapt over big style.

    What a weird episode. Why does “Family Guy” do these weird, unfunny episodes, like the one with Quagmire’s sister being beaten by her boyfriend, or Lois’s sister falling in love with Adam West?

  11. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of Family Guy than me. Brian’s death was the center of one of the least funny “comedies” I’ve ever watched. Painful. I’m so sad that the shark has finally come for Family Guy. It can jump back when Stewie brings Brian back (perhaps from a parallel universe), but until then every episode with this “Vinnie” character is just going to remind me of the worst episode ever made. PLEASE SETH MACFARLEN FIX THIS!!!!

  12. It’s definitely jumped now. Brian has been killed off. I’m sure that it has jumped earlier, but if not, this is it.
    Seriously, what were they thinking?!
    Brian was the best character!

  13. When Family Guy first came out back in 99 or 2000, it was not that bad for like the first two or three seasons. It was pretty much just a raunchier version of The Simpsons, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either. But once they brought it back on the air in 2005, its like watching a 5 year old with ADD trying to be funny. The shows humor now consists of Seth Macfarlane’s douchey liberal/hippie opinions, pedophilia jokes here and there and the overly used 1980′s pop culture references(which I don’t even think most audiences today understand). Family Guy is just wasted writing and animation on garbage “quirky” and “random” humor that’s only still on the air cause fox has nothing else left besides simpsons which is another story.

  14. It hasnt jumped the shark but i feel like its not as funny as it used to be. Afew seasons ago i would be laughing my ass off at every scene in every episode. But now the laughs seem a little harder to come by than before. 9 times out of 10 its still very funny but once in a while a flop episode comes along which just isnt upto standard. Even a bad episode of FG is still funnier than other cartoons though so its still top of the pile for the meantime.

  15. I do think Family Guy is a little, just a little, overrated, but I don’t think it’s ever jumped the shark. The chicken fights & Conway Twitty are now annoying as fuck but otherwise I still enjoy the show.

  16. Family Guy Bingo

  17. Its still funny at times and i still watch it although i dont laugh like i used too. But its the repitition that drives me crazy. The Chicken Fight. Cleveland falling out of the bath. The greased up deaf guy (did anyone ever laugh at this?)

    On the plus side Stewie, Brian and Mayor West are all still great characters. Episodes involving anyone of them in the main storyline are pretty good.

  18. It was the moment that Seth McFarlane decided to feature himself in a special in one of the boxsets. Once I actually saw him and realised what a smug douchebag he was it was impossible to watch the show in the same light ever again. That and the fact that it’s completely unfunny these days and has been since series 3.

  19. Season 11 Episode 2 wasnt the best i agree. But Family Guy seems to throw a bad episode at us every so often which isnt upto par. Im fairly confident that there will be more great episodes on the way. Its not the most consistantly funny show as some seem to think but i wouldnt go as far to say its jumped yet.

  20. Season 11 Episode 2 = worst episode ever.

  21. I LOVED this show during it’s original run in the late 90′s, so much that I taped episodes off the TV (something I also used to do with the Simpsons.) And I’m glad I did because it was canceled shortly thereafter, and you couldn’t buy it anywhere so my beat up old VHS tapes were the only way that I or my friends could watch it. When they resurrected it I was ecstatic! For the first several seasons it was awesome, but about 2 seasons ago I really lost interest. I don’t really know why…maybe, as one commenter below stated, it’s become too boring and predictable. I also REALLY hate the chicken fighting scenes and Conway Twitty.

  22. Its still worth watching but its getting a little boring and predictable now. Same as The Simpsons. Maybe no cartoon is immune to jumping after 10 seasons ?

  23. I would agree that the first few seasons werent as good. Possibly upto the 3rd season. As the animation got better the comedy did too i thought. Also more importantly Stewie started to change for the evil child hell bent on ruling the world and killing Lois into the weird little sexually confused freak we all know and love. The cut away scenes do get very bizarre sometime and this doesnt always make them funny but on the whole they tend to be more hit than miss. Still a great show ;)

  24. Jumped back. I wasnt really a big fan for the first few seasons. Stewie is alot funnier now than he was back in his evil kill Lois days and now any episodes with him and Brian are unmissable. The random nature of the humour in Family Guy is what makes it so great and different from anything else on at the moment. You never know whats going to happen next.

    I dont think its ran out of ideas, its still funny and the best cartoon on television.

  25. I dont think Season 10 is upto scratch. It started badly got slightly better but it didnt last. Maybe they have ran out of ideas? Its been on television for a long time now.

  26. One epic chicken fight was more than enough.

  27. Family Guy is the best. Season 10 started off a little bit bland but from around the 3rd maybe 4th episode i feel its back to its best.

  28. Never jumped. Its been controversial from day 1. So any criticism that this is a reason for it to jump is stupid. Its an adult cartoon comedy show and has pushed the boundaries of taste since the beginning.

    Thats why everyone watches surely?

  29. Few bizarre cut scenes can sometimes ruin the flow on a normally great show. I would say though that the ‘You Have Aids’ song and watching Stewie get rimmed by Brian went a little bit to much for me. I appreciate that trying to shock is Family Guys thing but a couple of times its went too far.

  30. Some of the cut scenes do fall flat but not so much that i would say its ‘jumped’. The random cut scenes are sometimes confusing due to them being overly bizarre but it doesnt realy take anything away from the plot of each individual episode. And i can only remember a handfull of times in 10 seasons that i didnt laugh at one. Alot of people like to hate on Family Guy and seem to enjoy predicting its downfall i think. But its still the funniest cartoon on television by quite a margin.

  31. No Topple, Family Guy is great because the cut scenes are usually really funny aswell as wacky. Most of them you really dont expect and this tends to make it even funnier. I still love FG but some episodes lately have been a bit flat and the cut scenes havent been funny at all just weird. I dont know where i stand on FG. I still enjoy it but i wonder sometimes if its ran out of ideas. I hope not though, when its on form its the funniest show on.

  32. The best cartoon on television and probably my favourite cartoon ever. Some of the cut scenes are a little bit wacky i suppose but isnt that what makes Family Guy great?? You never realy know whats going to happen next. No other show has made me laugh as hard as this. Even the not so good episodes are miles ahead of another very famous cartoon ;)

  33. Sometimes Family Guy tries to be too ‘out there’ and it just doesnt quite work. Little cut scenes like the stubborn pidgeon in the boardroom (i think thats was Peter called it) wasnt funny at all. Another shitty moment was Carter using the JCB to wreck the bench.

    I like Family Guy alot. But sometimes i shake my head wondering who came up with this scene. Less of that please :)

  34. You can add Conway Twitty to the list too. Family Guy is the best cartoon on televison right now but some of the cut scenes just dont work.

  35. Peter fighting the chicken was the worst scene in FG history. Not content with fighting the chicken once, they bring him back for another scrap in a future episode. Family Guy at times is a great show, realy funny and original. But….Seth and his crew just love to do over long scenes that seem to go on forever and just arent funny enough to justify 5 mins of screen time in a 20 minute show.

  36. Season 10 started badly but the ‘Back To The Pilot’ & ‘Thanksgiving’ episodes were both a return to form. Hopefully the rest of the season continues like this. Family Guy never jumped…..but sometimes it comes close.

  37. I agree there is a serious lack of quality in Season 10. Dont realy know whats going on.

  38. Well i’ll say it if no one else is. Season 10 sucks. Whats going on?

  39. I’m not enjoying Season 10 as much an the others. Not voted yet till i see how it pans out. Come on Family Guy !!!

  40. Season 10? Hmmm. I havent voted cause im not realy sure yet. Early days but is it just me or is this season started off badly? Hasnt been laugh out loud funny yet. I know some episodes are funnier than others so im watching and waiting……

  41. Hasnt jumped yet but i think the shark is circling Family Guy.

  42. Seth MacFarlane is obsessed with show tunes. God im so fed up with Family Guy bursting into song all the time.

  43. Great cartoon. Although…..i found the first few episodes of this new series werent as funny as others.

  44. Hello. Its Family Guy. It does take the piss out of politics etc from time to time. Always has done.

  45. Never jumped. Funniest show on at the moment. But….and its a small but i just feel that maybe it gets a little to political sometimes. Which can still be funny at times. It just sometimes feels like they are ramming their views down our throats. But like i say its a very small issue. At the moment anyway.

  46. Obviously quite a few Simpsons fans/FG haters have been on this page lol… everyone’s comment praising FG has been given Thumbs Downs!


    Yea, i just noticed that Simon. Lots of thumbs down but no reasons why.

  47. i’m a big fan of FG. This is why The Simpsons has been trying to be like FG for years now. They used to say that Peter was a Homer-clone… well, Homer has been dumbed down so far into the earth in a pathetic attempt to get cheap laughs. He’s now a Peter-ripoff. You know what i admire about McFarlane’s and FG’s humor. It’s stupid. It’s crude. It’s low-brow. It’s offensive. It’s cheap. It’s tacky. But it wears these tags like a bad of honor!! It’s never masqueraded around pretending to be anything else. Oh, but above anything else IT’s FUNNY!!!! Something The Simpsons hasn’t been since around their 10th season. i can watch FG and actually know i’m going to laugh.

  48. Vey clever. Very funny.

    Hopefully they continue with the high standard. I find it alot funnier now than i did in the first couple of series. Stewie is surely one of the greatest cartoon characters ever created. Scenes with him and Brian are always funny.

    A bi-sexual evil genius baby lusting after a novel writing dog with a drink problem. Comedy gold :)

  49. Would agree with everyone else. Never jumped.

    One of the best comedies on television let alone the best cartoon.

  50. I belatedly got into Family Guy and it’s excellent, with the Star Wars episodes I thought they were more clever than hilarious – though still very watchable!

  51. I have never seen any of their Star Wars parodies and would be interested in opinions on those. Have they been to that well too many times or is it so funny that it doesn’t matter? I’ve always been tempted to blind buy them but have yet to do so.

    The weakest episodes are the Star Wars specials in my opinion.

    Lots of funny Star Wars refrences that we all get but just not as good as a regular episode.

    Show still never jumped though :)

    Cool, thanks for the heads up. I may concentrate on getting the season boxsets before the specials then. We already have season one . . . . . but doesn’t everybody? haha

  52. I kinda agree.

    The old Stewie who was obsessed with killing Louis and gaining world domination got old pretty fast for me. The strange camp weird Stewie is hilarious and now my favorite character in the show.

    Good riddence to the vaudevillians and the greased up deaf guy too.

  53. Is Family Guy that rare beast – the reverse jumper? The animation was ropy as hell in the beginning, but is pretty slick now; and Stewie’s transformation from pint-sized evil genius to sexually confused infant was inspired. Add in the introduction of characters like Herbert the paedophile, and the dropping of duds like the two vaudevillians, and Family Guy could well find itself a rare niche as a good show that’s reinvented itself to become a great show.

  54. Nope, never jumped, great show. Love Stewie – Nothing says “Obey Me” like a bloody head on a fence post! such a cute little baby lol

  55. Have to agree sc-151

    Never jumped……… yet !!!

  56. Never jumped !!! Has the odd episode that perhaps isn’t as good as the others but always fires back with another classic episode. One of the funniest shows on TV at the moment