Little Britain

Little Britain is a British character-based comedy sketch littlebshow which was first broadcast on BBC radio and then turned into a television show. It was written by stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Its title is an amalgamation of the terms ‘Little England ‘ and ‘Great Britain’, and is also the name of a Victorian neighbourhood and modern street in London.

The show comprises sketches involving exaggerated parodies of British people from all walks of life in various situations familiar to the British. These sketches are presented to the viewer together with narration in a manner which suggests that the programme is a guide — aimed at non-British people — to the ways of life of various classes of British society. Despite the narrator’s description of great British institutions, the comedy is derived from the British audience’s self-deprecating understanding of either themselves or people known to them. The controversial show was often criticised for the subjects it tackled .  Unfortunatly as the show got older Lucas and Walliams seemes to put shock value above geniune laughs.  Little Britain ran for 3 seasons from 16 September 2003 – 31 December 2006

When did Little Britain Jump the Shark ?

  • Jumped from the start (8 votes)
  • Season 3 (8 votes)
  • Season 1 (2 votes)
  • Season 2 (2 votes)
  • American version (1 votes)
  • Never jumped. Still great (0 votes)

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  1. Never funny. Never understood its popularity and im glad its over.

  2. The shock value was funny enough for a couple of episodes but after that it was all very repetitive.

  3. Even during the first season there was one too many ‘trying to hard’ shock moments. Its not so much that they shocked constantly its just that it wasnt funny enough. Seeing an old lady standing unaware she is pissing herself isnt funny.

  4. Series 1 & 2 had a nice balance of grosse out shocking humour and the gentle family friendly stuff. Although i never found it laugh out loud funny it was amusing at times. Season 3 was tired and predictable.

  5. Andy in the wheelchair and the strange eccentric Scottish hotel owner were always funny. All the grosse out humour wasnt for me though.

  6. I liked it for the first couple of series. It was pretty controversial but i dont have a problem with that aslong as its funny too. The problem was that come series 3 the laughs had more or less gone. Matt Lucas and David Walliams seemed to believe the public tuned in too see the more shocking sketches than the genuinely funny ones. The American series sucked too but the damage was already done before this.

  7. Never found it funny. Everyone went crazy for Little Britain but i missed the joke. Theres a fine line between good old controversial humour and offensive cheap laughs. I think these two forgot this.

  8. I actually think by the second season the joke had worn thin. And even then it was never a stand out great comedy show anyway.

    One or two sketches were funny but like others said i think they tried desperately to shock people. The few genuine funny scenes were lost amongst vomiting pensioners, incontenant pensioners and young men who wanted to have sex with pensioners :|

  9. I never quite bought into the whole “Little Britain” hype. Series 1 was ok, although the guy that fancied the old woman was a bit nauseating; and, as everyone else has pointed out, Series 3 mistook “off-putting” for “edgy”.

    In retrospect, it was just a really mean-spirited programme – lots of old-fashioned “values” like sexism, racism, class snobbery, etc, that the programme pretended to laugh at, but really laughed with – bit like Jimmy Carr, really.

    And Walliams just isn’t funny. Lucas can be, but Walliams, with rare instances, just isn’t.

  10. Joke wore thin pretty quickly. i was a fan after seeing the first 2 series, have the dvds even. But it’s “poo, bum, wee” style of humor wore repetitive and old. The characters are so un-likeable, i know that’s the point… but i mean so UN-likeable that i don’t want to watch them. All the jokes are men in drag, or gay jokes, or fat jokes, race-based jokes. And Walliams and Lucas are never happy in a sketch ending when they reach the punchline (which you see coming a mile off btw). The sketch then continues for another 20secs+ making the whole thing awkward!!


    Yea i owned Series 1 + 2 and thought it was ok. But they certainly went overboard on the grosse comedy for the 3rd series.

    It was always a bit controversial i realise but had always remained funny too before 3. I think they sacrificed laughs for shocks and failed miserably. The lady being sick everywhere was one of the worst sketches.

  11. Never found it funny realy. I dont mind toilet humour if its genuinely funny but this was shocking for shocking sake. Boring.

    Plus i find David Walliams to be one of the most smug gits on television.

  12. Jumped from the start.

    Terrible show.

  13. Never found it funny either. Spew, Pish and Obese women yawwn

    These are jokes from the playground that any kid couldve made up. God knows what went on during production meetings with this lot coming up with new ideas.

    Half of the sketches were just so David Walliams could dress up in a skirt. We’re on to you Walliams and you know it.

  14. Thought they were all rubbish! There was the odd laugh but by in large I just didn’t get what all the fuss was about. Sorry folks

  15. Agree it was like they were trying to hard to shock and fogrgot about making us laugh. Series 1 & 2 still had some shocking moments but i tend to remember them for the quirky scottish hotel owner / Vicki Pollard and Lou & Andy who were always funny.

    The incontenant old lady was one sketch i would rather forget.

  16. Im going to say series 3.

    The first two were very funny. I though that by the 3rd series they had replaced the genuine laughs with shocks and disgust.

    It was always pretty controversial stuff but it over stepped the mark and i got the feeling they were trying to hard to get attention. Not needed as the show was funny enough in the first place.