Noel’s House Party

Noel’s House Party was a BBC television light entertainment Noels_House_Partyjtsshow hosted by Noel Edmonds that was broadcast live on Saturday evenings throughout the 1990s. It was set in a large house in the fictional village of Crinkley Bottom, leading to much innuendo. The show was broadcast during the autumn-spring season (October/November – March). It was the successor show to Noel’s Saturday Roadshow, and carried over some of its regular features such as the Gunge Tank, the Gotcha Oscar and Wait ‘Till I Get You Home.

The show had many regular guests posing as fictional villagers, including Frank Thornton and Vicki Michelle. The show gave birth to Mr. Blobby in the Gotcha segment. The character became well known, ruining the premise of the segment, but Blobby still made appearances. There was also a contrived rivalry between Noel and Tony Blackburn. In addition, many episodes featured one-off guest stars, including Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer, who came in to find the whole audience dressed as Frank, and Ken Dodd in a highwayman’s outfit – ‘Going cheap at the Maxwell sale’ – as Noel’s long lost ‘twin’, Berasent. After several changes, the show’s initially huge popularity declined. The theme tune changed in 1996, and set redesigns followed. Noel pulled the show in 1998 after apparent disagreements with the BBC producers and claiming it wasn’t good enough.

When did Noel's House Party Jump the Shark ?

  • Mr Blobby takes over every scene (7 votes)
  • Jumped from the start (6 votes)
  • Noel wont stop running (2 votes)
  • Never jumped. Still great (1 votes)

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  1. Noel was definitely at his most smug during this phase of his life. It was impossible for him to hide how pleased he was with himself every Saturday night. But it had to end sometime Noel and i remember your sad depressed face as you said your goodbyes to us on the final episode. Thats the great lasting memory of House Party for me.

    I will always thank you for that.

  2. It was shite from the get go. Blobby’s arrival and take over just heeped even more shite ontop of it.

    And the guests were shite too.

    Ding Dong!!! ‘Oh who can that be at the door? Oh………. its Chris fucking Akabusi !!

  3. Before the rise of blobby House Party was a great bit of saturday night entertainment. The Gotchas and Wait till i Get You Home were two highlights for me. Although The Gotchas became a blobby thing too didnt they? Noel didnt seem to realise there was fuck all funny about blobby. NOTHING!! Its like seeing your football teams mascot dancing on the touch line as you are losing 3-0 to your rivals. You just want to scream ‘FUCK OFFFF’ at the buffoon in the costume. Blobby ruined it. Correction: Noels Blobby Obsession ruined it.

  4. Years ago, there was a bootleg tape doing the rounds that featured a dummy run / rehearsal session for a late-nineties episode of Noel’s House Party. This was when the series was flagging, viewing figures were well down, and Noel actually went on strike one week. You read correctly, the bearded wonder went on strike from his own programme.
    Anyway, this tape is startling viewing. Edmonds shuffles around in his reading glasses, mumbling under his breath. The floor manager is obviously walking on eggs. The crew are silent and faintly resentful. The whole thing is so bleak, so joyless, so devoid of any obvious love for television or any form of entertainment, that it leaves you in no doubt at all why Noel’s House Party was such a chore to sit through.
    There was no joy, no spontaneity, nothing to look back on and laugh, just an hour of “let’s be WACKY!” over-excited shouting, running around and half-baked stunts from a man who never quite outgrew the Radio One culture that spawned him.

  5. It was a random series of ideas thrown together in an hour long show every week with the sole purpose of Making Noel Edmonds giggle. Why did he have to run all over the place? If the door rang he sprinted as fast as he could to see witch Z Lister was standing there on the step of his Crinkley Bottom. Hes like a hyperactive child. I prayed that on live tv he would fall on the step running upto the door. It never happened.

  6. Mr Blobby did the impossible by making Noel Edmonds seem likeable. Inevitably Blobby fever got out of control though and he ended up taking over the air waves aswell as television. I still have tune that song playing in my head. Cheers Noel.

  7. It was shit from the start. Just when you think Noel cant get any more annoying along comes his greatest invention. A man dressed as a pink monster wih yellow dots on his body.

    Cutting edge stuff :|

    This basically became the Blobby show.

  8. It was shit but on around dinner time on a Saturday when nothing else was on so i think everyone started watching it. Mr Blobby and the whole marketing campaign that followed got boring realy fast. Apart from nusery children Noel was the only one still laughing at Mr Blobby.

    I’m pretty sure he watches re-runs in his house even now and giggles away. :|

  9. I agree the quality of the guests knocking at Noels Crinkley Bottom left alot to be desired. Ronnie Corbett, Ken Dodd or if you were realy lucky and the budget allowed that wrinkled old neighbour from ‘Birds of a Feather’.

    Noel ofcourse acted as if it was an A List star on his doorstep. All the audience could do was clap politely.

  10. Yea a cheesy saturday night show. I enjoyed the ‘Gotcha’s’. Also the segment with the kid answering questions to win prizes and the hidden camera in peoples houses. Blobby was shit though he ruined the show. But i kinda miss House Party actually, Saturday night telly is crap these days.

    Now we have the terrible reality tv talent shows or Ant & Dec doing pretty much the same thing Noel did years ago.

  11. Mr Blobby was never funny yet the nation loved him so he started to appear everywhere you looked. No1 in the pop charts, turning up in every tv show as a hilarious guest star and he had thousands of merchandising products.

    Thanks for that Noel.

    All this attention for a pink monster with yellow dots on. Blobbys one skill was to fall over. A joke which was never funny.

  12. Shit from day 1. No one found House Party funnier than Noel himself.

    Also he shouldve tried to book better guests every week. No one cares that Tony Blackburn is knocking at Crinkley Bottom or that the old biddy Mauren from ‘Driving School’ has just pulled into Hairy Cleft.

    Although that audience would cheer about anything.

    OHHHHHH BLOBBY !!!!!!!

  13. Mr Blobby did feature to heavily in this show once he became popular and to be honest i thought these parts were the worst in the show. Seemed to last for ages.

    Ohhhh Blobby Blobby yawwwn

    Its right falling over was his thing. Seeing this once was enough for me. Edmonds angered me further by finding this the most side splittingly funny slapstick comedy ever seen on tv.

  14. Hard to pinpoint this. Edmonds is like the Brussel sprouts of telly; nobody wants them, but they’re associated with happiness, because you know it must be getting close to Christmas. Edmonds is the same. His programmes can be watchable; logically this must be something to do with him; but, like voting Tory, no-one seems able to publically state it.

    And, to be fair, the “Gotcha’s” could be genuinely funny.

    That said, House Party did go on and on and on – and Noel’s “Crinkly Bottom” or “Sweaty Tuft” became progressively lessy funny, like an old music-hall joke that people feel obliged to laugh at.

  15. Oh it jumped alright.

    Jumped first episode. As soon as Noel walked up to camera like a giggling school boy and invited viewers into his Crinkly Bottom.

    This ‘joke’ ran throughout every series.

    “Step inside my Crinkly Bottom”

    “Lets look around my Crinkly Bottom”

    “Whos that entering Crinkly Bottom”

    etc etc :| Noel ofcourse found this hilarious and could barely hold back his laughter.

  16. Never jumped for me.

    This show kept my family entertained at Saturday tea times for years. Loved the Gotchas, Wait Till i Get You Home, The Gunge Tank and the crappy guests that would turn up at the door. Family fun at its cheesey best.

    Mr Blobby did get pretty monotonous towards the end but the rest of the show compensated for this. Alot of Saturday night entertainment has imitated House Party and has alot to thank Noel for.


    F**** off.

    If it wasnt funny the first time you slipped on some custard then it isnt going to be funny the 100th time Mr Blobby.

    That was pretty much Mr Blobbys thing wasnt it ? Falling and shouting ” ohhhhh blobbbbyyyyyy ” :|