Roseanne is an American sitcom broadcast on ABC from October 18, 1988 to May 21, 1997 starring Roseanne Barr. The series reached #1 in the Nielsen ratings becoming the most watched television show in the United States from 1989 to 1990, and remained in the top four for six of its nine seasons, and in the top twenty for eight. In 1993, Roseanne Barr and Laurie Metcalf both won Emmy Awards for their performances in the series, Barr for Outstanding Lead Actress and Metcalf for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Metcalf also won in 1992 and 1994. In 1992, Roseanne Barr and John Goodman both won Golden Globe Awards, Barr for Best Actress and Goodman for Best Actor. The series won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

The series won a Peabody Award in 1992 and a People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Television Comedy Program in 1989. Barr won five additional People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Female Performer in a New TV Program (1989), Favorite Female All Around Entertainer (1990), and Favorite Female TV Performer (1990, 1994, and 1995).

When did Roseanne Jump the Shark ?

  • They win the lottery (19 votes)
  • Never jumped. Still great (8 votes)
  • Darlene turns into a goth (7 votes)
  • Final episode (6 votes)
  • Becky changes...then changes back (4 votes)
  • Jumped from the start (3 votes)
  • Everyone is gay (3 votes)
  • Jackie gets dumber (2 votes)

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  1. When DJ grew up from cute innocent kid to grown up full on weirdo. This probably coincided with the best character Darlene going ‘gothy’. Probably thinking back now, it changed for the worse as the kids got older.

  2. ‘new becky’ wasnt that big of a deal really. And was in fact used for comedy purposes on Roseanne which was great. It mightve been an issue if they had chose to ignore a new character change as so many tv shows do and it had became awkward. But i thought they handled it in a brilliant, funny and unique way.

    The Lottery win was the kiss of death for Roseanne.

  3. The best part about Roseanne was that the family wasn’t some fancy make believe perfect sitcom family that wasn’t believable. Dan, Roseanne and the kids were like ppl you know, who struggled with working and paying bills, it seemed so realistic. I remember seeing the episode when they hit the lotto and thinking, “well it’s all downhill from here”. And mind you, I’m a HUGE Roseanne fan. I still watch the reruns. But at that point, you knew the whole dynamic of the show was going to change since the Connors now had money. The switching of the Beckys was annoying but the lotto took the cake. And that last season “finale” was just horrible. Such a great show should not have ended that way.

  4. If im being honest i liked the final scenes. Infact i thought it was pretty amazing and unexpected. However i wasnt keen on the lottery storyline at all. Another thing that pissed me off was Dan having his affair. Dan was supposed to be one of the most loyal hard working husbands on tv. And it seemed very out of character for him to have a moment of weakness like this.

  5. There was alot of gay characters at one point. It was still funny but more gay.

  6. Definitely when Darlene hit puberty and became a goth. The show was on for 9 seasons and really only the first 2-3 were good.

  7. Never jumped. The lottery storyline wasnt the best i agree. But i thought the show still remained pretty funny even after this. Am i alone in being the only person who thought the ending was great ?

  8. At some point there seemed to be too many over the top gay stereotypical characters everywhere in Roseanne. I always thought Dan seemed to be weirdly ok with all the gayness going on in and around the family home.

  9. Long before the lottery win Darlene became a goth! She slowly lost her sarcasm and became all moody as goth do. Then Mark and David became regular cast members. I think they lived in the house too didnt they ? Thats when i noticed a dip in quality. On the whole Roseanne was funnier when all the kids were younger and without any boyfriends around.

  10. Winning the lottery was definitely the moment. I seem to remember Dan having an affair at one point too. This added to the seemingly endless misery of this once great sitcom.

  11. Who is that girl and why are they calling her Becky?

  12. It was all a dream!!!! What a crap way to end it all. I suppose the ‘lottery win’ storyline was the moment it started to go wrong. But the final scene really was a kick in the crotch after 10 years of tuning in.

  13. The charm of Roseanne was that it was about a working class family struggling to get by. It all changed after the Lottery win.

  14. Never jumped. Fantastic comedy series.

  15. Winning the lottery.

  16. Darlene turning into a goth changed her from huffy sarcastic kid to moody depressed teen. But realy i think the show suffered as all the kids grew up. The end didnt bother me to be honest. I kinda like it when a comedy series finishes on a poignant note.

    Its quite sad realy :(

  17. Dont think it ever jumped till the ending which was a little ‘WTF’?? We find out Dan really did die, Jackie was the gay not her mother, Becky was with David and Darlene was with Mark. Kinda sucked a bit.

  18. Alot of the comedy came from the hardship that the family suffered, losing jobs, struggling with rent and keepimg up with day to day bills etc. Winning the Lottery changed all that!

  19. Jackie was always slightly dim but i agree she got a little too crazy. But for me alot of the supporting characters were awful. Remember the ginger neighbour? Crystal i think she was called, every line from her was laughter free. Roseannes mum becoming a lesbian?!? Beckies partner Mark who was completely useless??. The best addition to the cast was David as Darlenes long suffering boyfriend. One of the few reasons for watching the show in later seasons.

  20. Ofcourse Darlene couldnt give a fuck. Can you imagine being born into that set up?. She probably spent most of her teens in her room self harming and trying every drug known to man in order to block out any memory of her family.

  21. Darlene was the funniest when she was younger. As she grew up and became a goth she wasn depressing. To be honest she had a look in her face like she couldnt give a fuck. Was that just acting?

  22. Jackie went from the neurotic, on edge funny character to stupid idiot. She was the funniest. Or atleast she used to be.

  23. Becky gets re-cast! Changing her ruined the chemistry the cast had. And they also used it for afew in-jokes at times with a little knowing wink to the audience which spoiled the flow.

  24. Pretty decent throughout. Slight dip in quality i felt as the kids grew up. Darlene in particular. But it still made me laugh regularly. The final scenes angered and confused me. Didnt like that at all.

  25. Never jumped. Probably one of my favorite sitcoms ever. Who cares about the Becki cast change shit. She was a shit character anyway.

  26. Never jumped. Enjoyed it throughout all seasons.

  27. The lottery win changed the whole dynamic in the house and changed the show for the worst. The Connors were funnier when struggling to earn a wage while working shitty jobs not as millionaires.

  28. Final episode ‘twist’ was the worst. I let the show off with a whole heap of shit during the nine seasons but this took the biscuit.

  29. Becky changing did muck things up. Not that she was a great character realy but it coincided with Darlene growing up and becoming slightly less sarcastic.

    Darlene was at one point the best character by far. Interesting that her boyf kinda took over as funniest as she became almost irrelevant

  30. The Lottery win ruined everything. Im sure this came at the same time Dan admitted to being in love with another woman. This is when Roseanne became a soap opera.

  31. Never took to this show from day one. What an annoying woman Roseanne was. God i felt sorry for Dan. Trying to earn afew quid , do a good days work and come home to Jabba the Hut moaning about one thing or another.

    I suspect Dan topped himself and managed to pass it off as a heart attack.

  32. It turned more soap opera than comedy. I dont remember laughing so much in the final few seasons. The final scenes of the show realy did piss me off.

    I hate when shows pull this shit. I think the final scene shouldve been a re-doing of the opening credits but when Roseanne started cackling like a witch she actualy choked to death on some fried chicken skin. :)


    Yes – that I would have watched, particularly if it was a two-parter, with Roseanne struggling to breathe, crawling towards the phone which Dan kept pulling away from her as she got close, roaring with laughter in her face, to see how SHE liked it.

  33. I just couldnt stand her. Dan is a hero for staying with her. Such a loud mouth bitch its unreal. Stuffing her face and drinking beer at the table. Oh and i can still hear that laugh from the opening credits to this day :|

  34. Who was the neighbour that eventualy shacked up with Dans Dad ?

    She was rather annoying too.

    Its amazing that Dan handled all the bullshit in his life without having a heart attack sooner.

    Yea the ginger neighbour, clearly a gold digger looking back now. Cause Dans dad was oldddd by the time she got her hooks in.

    Any normal guy in Dans position wouldve f***ed off long ago rather than deal with all that drama.

  35. The problem with “Roseanne” was that Roseanne, the ostensibly loveable mom with a heart of gold was a bloated overbearing santimonious pain in the arse and much less likeable than Dan, the basically good-natured well-meaning dad.

    All the female characters were “strong” – which is TVspeak for “annoying”. Roseanne needed slapping, Jackie was funny to watch but in real life you’d run a mile, Becky was holier than thou, Darlene was sarcastic but too New Age and ought to have been shipped back to the sixties. I always felt sorry for Dan, who was so beleagered by coping with his “wonderful” wife, and DJ, who was so bullied by his “charming sisters”.

    Oh, and incidentally, if you want to know how DJ turned out?

    One word.


  36. I think it definitely jumped so I went for the “Becky changes…” option but I think the real problems came when Roseanne’s ego became even bigger than her mouth. I used to find her and the show funny (remember George Clooney’s appearance as her boss) and this was due to the snappy one-liners reeled out by a great cast. Then it became more and more about Roseanne’s world IMO and went all weird with her winning the lottery and stuff. Didn’t one episode become a whole Under Siege 2 parody? That tells you all you need to know, really.

  37. It definitly jumped Kim. No question.

    I felt it ran out of steam towards the end. Your right it did become more soap opera than comedy and just wasnt as funny as it was in the beginning.

    The show was clearly funnier when the kids were younger aswell. I cant quite pinpoint when it jumped to be honest…. but it did . :)

  38. I loved Roseanne. Alhough i would agree the final scenes were a litle bit shitty that still couldnt ruin his show !!

    This ran for nearly ten years and was funny throughout. Remember Darlenes boyfriend ? He was a great addition.

    Maybe a little bit towards the end it felt slightly more like a soap opera than sit-com but im not back tracking !!!

    I loved this show and i miss it :(