Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men is an American television comedy series which premiered on CBS on September 22, 2003. Starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones, the show is about a hedonistic jingle writer, Charlie; his uptight brother, Alan; and Alan’s growing son, Jake. Charlie’s free-wheeling life is complicated and altered when his brother gets divorced and moves, along with his son, into Charlie’s beach-front house.

As of 2010, seven seasons have been broadcast and the show has been renewed for two more seasons.Each episode is titled with a quotation from it; unlike most episodic television, the episode title usually bears no relationship to any of the plotlines; the quote fragment being completely out of context. The show’s 100th episode (“City of Great Racks”) aired on October 15, 2007. To celebrate this, a casino-inspired party was held at West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center.Warner Brothers Television also distributed blue Micargi Rover bicycles adorned with the Two and a Half Men logo along with the words “100 Episodes.”  There have been seven seasons of Two and a Half Men, with an additional two seasons to come.The show has ranked among the Top 20 programs every season since its first.

When did Two and a Half Men Jump the Shark ?

  • Sheen leaves (17 votes)
  • Jake grows up (8 votes)
  • Kutcher joins (6 votes)
  • Never jumped. Still great (5 votes)
  • Jumped from the start (4 votes)

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  1. Is this still on?

  2. Jake getting older spoiled everything before Ashton Kutcher fucked things good and proper. Jake was the star of the show at one point not Sheen.

  3. Sheen was a rock star from Mars, while Kutcher is more of a folkie from the asteroid belt.

  4. I usually like Ashton Kutcher and find him funny most times but he just doesn’t belong here. I cant explain it. Theres no chemistry , no spark anymore between the cast.

  5. Jake got older and unfunny then Charlie Sheen left. This was surely bad enough? Just when you think it cant get any worse Ashton Kutcher appears. Haven’t bothered to watch it in a long time.


  7. It was always shit.

  8. Wasnt so good once Jake started getting older. Young chubby Jake was a scream though and easily the best thing about this :D . Angus T Jones has more or less bitten the hand that fed him very very well $$$ for years and that really pissed me off. Telling viewers that its shit or whatever and not to watch it after making sure he had cashed in his checks first i bet ;) Its a different show now and Ashton Kutcher just does what he always does in any acting role. Which is fine. I agree with others hes no Charlie Sheen but i think hes done ok to be fair. Better than i had first thought when the news came out that he was taking over from CS. Atleast Kutcher tries Jones hasnt been bothered for a while now. Last i knew he was hardly in any episodes at all anymore.

  9. Charlie Sheen was the star of the show and it just wasnt the same without him. Ashton Kutcher was never going to be able to fill those shoes but i dont think anyone else could either to be fair. I rarely watch it now.

  10. Two and a Half Men was clever humour at one point? Cant remember that. It was funny at times though. Charlie Sheen was the man. Ashton Kutcher is not the man. The show now sucks.

  11. It stopped being clever humour and started involving more toilet humour. At one point it was a clever witty show and now its dumbed down alot IMHO. Possibly after Jake had started growing up. Maybe they had to compensate when the little funny teen became a not so funny older teen?

  12. It was really Charlie Sheens show IMO. Even when Jake was at his best till he started growing up and becoming crap. Charlie Sheen remained the best character in Two & a Half Men.

    Ashton Kutcher? Plllllease!!!

  13. Ashton Kutcher gets a hard time. He was never going to be as good as Charlie Sheen buts still, its unfair to dismiss him before he was even given a chance to prove himself. I actually think hes quite a good comedy actor and hes managed to fill the void left by Sheen pretty well. I think Two and a Half Men probably suffered more because Jake grew up rather than Charlie Sheen leaving the show. Jake as a youngster was by far the funniest.

    I still think its good now. Kutcher manages to hold his own.

  14. Charlie Sheen leaving did it. Ashton Kutcher joining just rubs salt in the wounds. I dont watch Two and a Half Men so much these days.

  15. Jake grows up. Yea Charlie Sheen was great. But that little chubby sarcy dude was the funniest guy on the show.

  16. i could have voted for kutcher joins and jake grows up as well as sheen leaving also didnt like when rose left

  17. Charlie Sheen was a massive part of the shows success. Ashton Kutcher sucks. This show is over its only a matter of time.

  18. Yea still makes me laugh. Kutcher aint as good as Sheen but he does alright. I dont think Charlie Sheen carried the show anyway.

  19. Still funny. Is Kutcher as good as Sheen? No probably not but the writing is still decent and it still works.

  20. I still think its pretty good. Anyone that says Two and a Half Men jumped from the start is crazy. Its still the best comedy on right now. Even now Charlie Sheen has left its still a funny show. And to be honest i dont even know if i miss him. The writing and the acting puts this above any other comedy right now with or without Charlie.

  21. Never a fan of Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen’s smug look on his face drives me mad and was a constant distraction. He leaves, so show over?? NO…Ashton Kutcher signs up!! Possibly the only man who can out smug the old king of smug Sheen.

  22. As a kid Jake was the best thing about the show. Not so funny all grown up. Ashton Kutcher will never be as good as Charlie Sheen. But hes kinda fitted into the show quite well i thought.

  23. I dont dislike Ashton Kutcher. But why does he always do that stupid ‘Dude Wheres My Car’ dopey look. His acting range consists only of that look. But regardless of ‘the look’ im willing to give him a shot. I actually think the show has suffered more now that Jake has grown up. He was always the funniest. Not so much now. It remains to be seen what happens without Charlie.

  24. Ive had time to reflect on my earlier post and i can cofirm that Ashton Kutcher is not comedy gold. More like comedy bronze.

  25. Jake was funnier as a little chubby kid. Not so funny as a taller chubby young man. Kutcher was actually alright. Remains to be seen what happens next…

  26. Dont think its jumped. Thought Ashton Kutcher was alright. Still great for now.

  27. Sheen leaves.

    Can we vote Kutcher joining?? Are we allowed predictive votes?? He might be comedy gold.

    LOL What am i saying?? The guys a dick :)

  28. “Winning!”

  29. Charlie Sheen leaving was the Jump for Two and a Half Men.

    Kutcher joining just confirms that is going to get worse now.

  30. Ashton Kutcher.